6 Unique Landscaping Ideas

Are you someone that wants an outdoor space that makes people knock on your door to ask who did this for you? In this post we will talk about six  landscaping ideas that’ll make your neighbors do a double-take and create something that can be on the front page of a well reviewed Airbnb.

Vertical Gardens

Limitations can become elevations-literally. If you are limited with space then vertical gardens are perfect for turning a boring wall into a blooming display that will create a different texture on the outside walls. Mix herbs, succulents, and colorful flowers. It’s a great way to add a bit of green in small spaces and can even clean the air around you!

Themed Gardens

This one is really something to challenge your imagination. You could go full-on zen-vibes with some bonsai trees and a stone path that reads instant tranquility. Or maybe you’re more into that Mediterranean vibe? Well you can add in some terracotta pots and lavender, and suddenly you’re on vacation in your own backyard. 

Garden Rooms

Have you ever heard about dividing your garden into “rooms”? You could create a cozy reading corner with a comfy outside bench surrounded by fragrant flowers or complimenting herbs, a hidden veggie patch behind some ornamental grasses, or even a hidden fish pond behind a unique collection of trees. Think of things like hedges, trellises, or strategically placed trees to separate these spaces. It’s a sure way to add mystery and surprise to your garden – plus kids will love this. An added bonus is that it makes your space feel bigger and gives you different spots to enjoy depending on the mood you are or the mood you would rather have. One day you’re sipping coffee in your herb garden, the next you’re bird-watching in your woodland corner. 

Outdoor Living Spaces

Want to really boost your home’s value while making your outdoor area more enjoyable? Consider creating a dedicated outdoor living space. Don’t just think about a basic patio but go beyond that- we’re talking about a full-on extension of your home into the great outdoors. Add a comfortable seating area with weather-resistant furniture, and don’t forget about lighting for those evening hangouts.

Edible Landscaping

Who says gardens are just for flowers and kids to play in? Integrate edible plants like fruit trees, berry bushes, and veggies into your landscape. It’s visually stunning and practical, providing fresh produce right at your doorstep and it gives your garden a unique seasonal feel to it- you never know what each season will bring.

Golf Course Lawn

If you have been an admirer of lush golf course lawns then you should definitively think of bringing that into your yard. a 

Golf Course Lawn Store will tell you about regular aeration, precise irrigation, and diligent weed control. It’s actually not as hard to maintain in your own space.


There’s so much potential waiting in your own backyard. Whether it’s setting up a vertical garden or turning your lawn into a golf-worthy green, these unique ideas are sure to inspire. So, grab those gardening gloves, and let’s make some magic happen in your outdoor space!

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