6 Vital Tips for Buying the Best Anti-Fog Spray for Your Glasses

If you wear glasses, you know that due to the COVID-19 pandemic requiring everyone to wear a mask, plays havoc with being able to see! When we exhale, air exits the mask and fogs up the lenses of our glasses. As a result, our visibility goes to zero in an instant, which is dangerous if we’re driving a car or crossing the street. It’s one of the reasons anti-fog sprays have become all the rage with people who wear glasses.

The sprays that act as an anti-fog for glasses prove to be incredibly handy! The market, however, is flooded with so many options, that selecting the right one can be a struggle. So we have below six vital tips you should consider for buying the best anti-fog spray for you and your glasses.

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Consider the Lenses in Your Glasses

You cannot just go to the market and select an anti-fog spray without considering the type of lenses installed in your spectacles. There may be some chemicals present in the spray that can damage your expensive lenses by erosion or by leaving permanent stains on their surface. Therefore, carefully check the anti-fogging agent present in the spray and the way it reacts with the lenses in your spectacles. 

Methods of Application

The whole point of buying an anti-fog spray is to add convenience to your life, and its purchase becomes a non-starter if it has a complicated method of application. Therefore, buy an anti-fog spray that can easily be applied and quickly dried so that you can get crystal clear glasses instantly. 


Always look to buy an anti-fog spray that can sustain on your lenses for a long period, so that you can save yourself from facing the hassle of dealing with frequent condensation on your glasses. Otherwise, it can prove to be quite dangerous because these condensations may appear out of nowhere and block your visibility. You can easily find the anti-fog sprays with great surface-life, but they can be quite expensive as well. 


Carefully study the ingredients of an anti-fog spray before buying one because some sub-standard products may contain chemicals that can irritate your eyes or skin. Moreover, keep your allergies into consideration because even good quality products may include some allergens. Also, watch out for the anti-fog sprays with a considerable amount of alcohol, and toxic chemicals because they can cause serious hazards. 

The Volume of the Solution

The volume of solution in an anti-fog spray depends upon its price because the larger the bottle the higher the price and vice versa. If you are trying a manufacturer for the first time, you would be better off with buying the smallest bottle possible so that you do not end up wasting money if the product does not turn out to be effective. 

Choose the Right Manufacturer

It is always better to buy the anti-fog spray from trusted brands because the chances of a failed purchase will be relatively lower. You may find a lot of variety across trusted brands as well as they manufacture different types of anti-fog sprays suited for various purposes. Therefore, browse the internet for reviews of various anti-fog sprays because it will provide you with a lot of useful information.

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  1. It’s good to know that there’s such a thing called anti-fog spray that is an excellent solution during this pandemic for people who wear glasses. I wear my mask whenever I go out, and it would always fog up my glasses annoyingly. Now that I know about this anti-fog spray, I’ll definitely purchase one as soon as possible. Thank you!

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