7 Environmental Benefits of Murphy Beds

How Murphy Beds Can help you care for the environment

In a world where sustainability is becoming more crucial day by day, small choices like daily habits and the products you use could impact the environment. That’s why it’s essential to make eco-conscious choices in everything you do, and one perfect scenario for it is furniture selection, particularly Murphy beds.

These wall beds, named after William Lawrence Murphy, the president of Murphy Bed and Door Company, go beyond the space-saving solution that they are. They can provide various environmental benefits that help you live a greener lifestyle, including:

1. Space Optimization

You can fold a Murphy bed against the wall vertically or into a cabinet when not in use to save space. They’re ideal for small living spaces like a studio apartment. The valuable floor space you’ll get is useful for any activity you want to do. By maximizing space, Murphy beds can help minimize the environmental impact of additional room construction and installing heating and cooling equipment in your home.

2. Sustainable Materials

Many Murphy beds are made of sustainable, renewable, and high-quality materials, such as:

  • Bamboo: This is a durable and highly renewable material used for furniture making.
  • Solid Hardwood: They’re responsibly sourced wood, such as oak, ash, and maple.
  • Reclaimed Wood: They’re salvaged wood from barns and old buildings. They’d end up in landfills if they’re not used properly.
  • Furniture-Grade Plywood: These are made of hardwood layers with alternating grains, resulting in a stable material.

Sustainable materials are manufactured in a way that lessens energy consumption, pollution, and waste, which helps the environment maintain its functions.

3. Longevity

Murphy beds are made for long-term use with these key factors:

  • Quality Materials: Hardwood can be used to create Murphy beds. Using top-grade materials can make the bed withstand repeated folding and the wear and tear of daily use. The bed’s material can be spared from potential damage when folded up and unexposed to the outside environment for some time.
  • Proper Installation: When you install the bed properly, it will have stable support and become less prone to damage. Follow the instructions in the manual kit when installing the bed.
  • Regular Maintenance: Although you can keep the Murphy bed tucked into the wall, you should check it regularly for minor damages, like misalignment and hinges that need lubrication. Consistent maintenance can contribute to the bed’s longevity.

Longevity is important in furniture—a Murphy bed can give you just that. You can use it as a resting area, piece of furniture, or storage area all at the same time without adding new furniture.

4. Reduced Furniture Waste

When you use modern Murphy beds for a long time, you’ll be less likely to replace them frequently, which lessens the amount of waste you throw. You won’t need another traditional bed or a sofa that ends up discarded if it takes up too much space.

5. Promotes Minimalism

The space-saving functionality of a Murphy wall bed can help you live a minimalist lifestyle. A Murphy bed design can fit with your house’s minimal designs, decor, and home aesthetics.

6. Supports the Local Economy

Manufacturers of Murphy wall beds typically operate in the country. Buying from them would help support their business. It would also reduce carbon footprint and emissions from transporting the bed across the seas and above the skies. Since the supply chain is contained within the country, delivering the bed between states may consume less fuel than air or sea travel.

7. Flexibility

Murphy beds offer flexibility in managing your home’s usable space. Your room can serve multiple purposes when you use this wall bed, particularly:

  • Guest Room: You don’t need to dedicate another space for a guest room with Murphy beds. Fold this bed up and down so your visitors can have a good night’s sleep when they come over.
  • Children’s Room: Murphy beds take up less space for a children’s room than traditional beds, which could be a good option for families living in small spaces.
  • Home Office: Use the space in your small apartment as a home office when you fold the Murphy bed up. That way, you won’t have to transfer from one room to another if you want to rest after a long work day.

With Murphy beds, you can reduce the waste you produce from construction by installing the bed on the wall.

Take Care of the Environment with Murphy Beds

The environmental benefits that Murphy beds give can help you care for nature in your own way. The beds are designed for long-term use since they’re made of high-quality and sustainable materials. Whether it’s a queen or twin Murphy bed, buying this bed saves you money in the long run without sacrificing space at home.

If you’ve decided to buy a Murphy bed, purchase it from a reliable retailer like Lori Beds. They sell high-quality beds made of the finest materials that stand the test of time. Their beds don’t wear out easily, so you can still use them for years. Pair it up with a comfortable mattress to maximize the comfort and convenience of your Murphy bed.

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