7 Essential Kitchen De-Cluttering Tips

Knowing how to arrange a kitchen is vital if you find yourself overbuying items in the cupboard, misplacing storage lids, or hearing an ominous clatter when you close your cupboard on your dangerously packed pots and pans. Plus, it’s Spring, and what better time to tackle that long-awaited kitchen clean?

Having everything immaculate while still keeping everything you need within easy reach is a difficult balance to achieve when organizing a kitchen. Here are some pointers, tactics, and useful kitchen storage ideas to get you going, whether you’re doing a minor reorganization or a total kitchen renovation.

Empty All Your Cabinets 

Remove everything from your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Begin with the food cupboards, and discard everything which is out of date or that you have not used in six months or more. Then, place everything in your kitchen on an island, workstation, or table. Once you have done this you will find that when you come to try the Olive Garden chicken crockpot recipe you will be able to find all the ingredients quickly and without trouble. 

Give The Cabinets A Clean 

While you’re emptying them, give your cupboards and drawers a thorough cleaning. The best way to clean the empty cupboards is to use a sponge and a little dish soap in a tub of warm water. Dish soap eliminates any oily or sticky residue that may have accumulated on the shelves and provides a fresh scent. Do one shelf at a time, making sure to completely dry each one.

Get Rid Of Or Donate And Unused Or Broken Items 

It’s time to cull now that you have it all in your kitchen in front of you. Donate everything you haven’t used for the last six months and throw away any damaged equipment or chipped mugs you’ve been holding onto.

Remove any duplicates or items that are rarely used. Consider your current lifestyle and ensure that the things you keep are the ones you use regularly.

If you aren’t ready to part with any of the items you rarely use, such as a sentimental gravy jug or unique Christmas plates, put them in a box and store them someplace safe, such as the garage, attic, or the back of the pantry.

Make A Plan 

Making a strategy for the area is the greatest place to start when arranging your kitchen. I like to open all of the cabinet doors and photograph them for future reference, and because a great before and after is incredibly motivating. Make a list of categories, such as dishware, glasses, kitchen equipment, pots and pans, utensils, and so on. Then, allocate each category to a distinct section of your kitchen. Make a strategy based on how frequently you use your things, where they are used in the kitchen, and the size and form of your cupboards and drawers.

Use Organizing Tools 

Before returning items to cabinets and drawers, consider the form and size of the cabinets and drawers you are placing the items into to maximize your space. Stacking things vertically, for example, can help you make the most of tall, skinny cupboards. Turn baking pans and cookie sheets on their sides and store them in wire organizers. This technique is equally effective for cutting boards, serving platters, and pie plates. This greatly simplifies the process of finding what you’re looking for. Organizing options such as hooks inside cabinet doors, over-cabinet storage organizers, and even adjustable kitchen shelving can help you maximize space.

Organize Your Food 

It may appear that kitchen organization is centered on the goods you own, but food organization is just as vital in establishing a livable kitchen.

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The pantry is the beating heart of the house. When the pantry is organized, meal preparation becomes more efficient, and overbuying becomes a distant memory. Food products that are frequently used should be kept at eye level, and food should be organized into groups. Cereals and breakfast foods, for example, oils, vinegar, spices, baking ingredients, and tinned meals. You can devise a strategy similar to how you sorted your belongings.


Give yourself a month with the new kitchen, then ask yourself if everything is in its proper position. If you notice the location about something bothering you throughout the month, make a note of it to review at this evaluation.

Don’t be too concerned about getting it the right first time: you could only know a space by living in it, and an organizational strategy that seems excellent in principle may not work so well in practice.

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