7 Fun Ways to Boost the Spirits of Sad Friends or Family Members

It’s normal for there to be times in life when a family member or friend endures loss or tragedy and is stuck in a difficult place. As their loved one, it may be impossible to help them heal completely, but you can help lift their mood and spirits in a number of different ways. Here are seven simple ideas to help you boost the spirits of your friend or family member.


1. Explore a New City

Sometimes a simple getaway is the best way to cheer someone up and help them to get their mind off of their situation. Try going on a road trip that has incredible scenery or even taking a weekend trip somewhere that offers plenty of activities and attractions. While they might not be the most fun travel partner, remember that even just them being distracted can be an improvement for them.

2. Go Shopping

While usually this applies to women, a shopping trip can mean having a bit of retail therapy after a bad break-up or finding out some bad news. Offer to take your friend out to get a great pair of new shoes or to hunt for the perfect handbag. It will easily be a great way to forget the negative and have a confidence-builder.

3. Send an e-Card

It may be difficult to completely understand what your loved one is going through, but a simple card that shows you care will be enough to help them heal and have support through the process. Consider sending e-cards for mobile devices, which are easy to send and will help to make sure that the recipient opens it on time.

4. Visit the Theater

Visit the local theater for a chance to see a live performance centered around the arts. Try seeing a classic story that is guaranteed to be entertaining, and that may offer a bit of nostalgia and comfort.

5. Go Dancing

Offer to go out dancing with your loved one for a night that can involve swing dancing or even salsa. It will not only release endorphins, but will allow your friend to get out and have a bit of fun.

6. Visit the Spa

Pamper your friend with a day at the spa for a great way to get a bit of R&R and allow them to feel appreciated. Opt for a massage, pedicure, or even a mud bath for an incredible way to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

7. Train for a Marathon

Physical fitness is one of the best ways to move on from a sad season in life, and by training for a marathon it will naturally boost your friend’s mood. It will also help them to set new goals in a time where it can be difficult to stay motivated.

By staying close to a friend or family member and showing your support in a difficult time, they’ll be able to be one step closer to healing and moving on. It will also strengthen your bond and offer a safe and comforting friendship when life has its disappointments. Although your friend may resist some or all of these kinds of efforts, sometimes just offering them can mean a lot.

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