7 Ideas for a Natural Organic Bedroom

Easy Your bedroom is supposed to be the perfect space where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the calming end to what’s often a long and hectic day. But, with the craziness of life, it sometimes feels like improving your bedroom is an unnecessary luxury. Take some time for yourself and check out these 7 natural, organic ideas guaranteed to make your space inviting and luxurious again. Better yet, these are all affordable, so you can finally have that priceless good night’s sleep at a price that won’t break the bank!

1. Organic Sheets

You’ve probably heard this advice a million times – “Buy new sheets!” Now it’s time to take it! Try organic bamboo sheets, grown without pesticides, to give your mattress a crisp, cozy cover. Benefits of bamboo sheets? Incredibly soft, odor-resistant, and naturally warm! Bamboo sheets come in all sizes and colors to match any style of room, and at affordable prices. If you love it, try bamboo towels, robes, and even bamboo fiber pillows!

2. Easy Indoor Plants

Plants have an inherently relaxing aura about them. Bring the outdoors indoors with some easy to grow plants, such as spider plants, aloe, and lavender. Not only beautiful and easy, but these three plants are known to improve your quality of sleep and filter toxins out of the air. Try hanging a spider plant in a wicker basket, and watch it grow down over the sides. Aloe requires a great deal of sunlight, so make sure you have a sunny area before buying this one.

3. Organic Hemp Curtains

Instead of traditional curtains, try one made from natural hemp fibers. Look for ones that are PVC-free and plastic-free, as these are just filler materials. The price of these curtains ranges based on the amount of hemp used. For example, 100% hemp curtains will cost more than those with 50%. However, hemp curtains are known to be better at absorbing UV rays than cotton is, so even a curtain that is only 50% hemp is a better option to help you sleep in on those weekend mornings.

4. DIY Wood Mirror Trim

It’s likely that you already have a mirror in your bedroom. Instead of scrapping it and buying one for a more natural look, work with the one you have with this easy DIY. It’s as easy as it seems; just find attractive wood samples, and nail, screw, or tie them your mirror frame. For urban dwellers, check out your local craft store to find natural woods. If your wood seems a bit too dark, brighten up your mirror by wrapping string fairy lights around the branches.

5. Natural Salt Lamps

Try a natural pink Himalayan rock salt lamp in your room to get a light that does double-duty! Not only are salt lamps naturally air-purifying, but they also cast a calming, soft pink glow throughout a bedroom. Salt lamps are incredibly affordable and available at a variety of retailers, from home-improvement stores to trendy boutiques. An added bonus: they come in both natural rock shapes, and beautiful hand-carved designs!

6. Crafty Shadowboxes

This is a DIY idea that takes some time and patience, but produces a truly beautiful and personalized product. You’ll need a wooden picture frame that suits your fancy, and enough plywood to affix to the back of the frame, and to create whatever shelves inside that you desire. Simply nail the wood together in the shape of the frame, and attach the frame with a strong wood glue. To keep the natural, organic feel in your room, paint or decorate the box with earthy tones, photos, or feathers. Line the shelves with your favorite knick-knacks, or natural treasures, such as seashells, stones, or some of those indoor-friendly plants!

7. Rustic Rugs and Tapestries

Do you have hardwood flooring? If so, try any organic woven rug. Chunky, handmade rugs add an interesting textural dynamic to any space, leading to a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Do you have carpet flooring? If so, don’t worry. Try looking for an organic, handmade tapestry to mount on your wall. This creates the same comforting effect in the room without layering carpeting. You don’t need to spend a fortune, though. Try checking out your local markets to find unique handiwork, sure to add comfort to your space.

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  1. I’m not crunchy granola by any means. If organic were less expensive, I’d probably buy it. But the one idea that stuck in my mind was house plants. Made me laugh at myself because I have the biggest black thumb! My mom gives me houseplants every few years after I’ve killed the last ones she gave me.

    • OMG I am the exact same way Lynne!!! I have been banned from taking care of the house plants because I don’t care what it is – if it’s green and alive, I kill it! My sister gave me a bamboo plant a few years ago – something that is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to kill. Guess what? It took a little longer but yup, I killed that too. I had to throw it out just a few months ago. :-/

      • We are not alone!!! lol. Yes, I’ve killed my share of bamboo plants. I have one plant left. It’s not a spider plant, it’s the other one that you supposedly can’t kill.

  2. Great ideas. I love the salt lamps. They can be so beneficial for your health. I would love to get organic bedding and an organic mattress.

  3. Great ideas but had no idea organic could be good for you. Have heard about the benefits of salt lamps.

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