7 Tips to Potty Train Puppies

Potty training is the basic dog’s training. Although you can live without fancy tricks, potty training is definitely something that every owner needs to teach his pup.  

Besides the obvious benefit of having a clean house, this type of training is crucial part of bonding between you and your pet. It sets us basis for every other training, builds discipline and obedience in a dog. 

Potty Training Basics

Training a dog how to potty is the same as teaching a child. It is a process that requires a lot of time and effort but it will eventually yield results. 

Again, like with a child, it is all about showing love and affection while being strict. However, you need to avoid any punishment as it can only lead to negative effects. In worst case scenario, it can lead to development of phobia in your puppy. 

It is much more efficient to give your dog a treat or to pet him after a job well done. This type of encouragement will yield much better results. 

You will need a command word which you will start using from the day one. For example, you can say “Go potty” or something like that. This will create an instinctive reaction in a dog. 

Potty Training

First, you need to learn more about dog’s dietary habits and metabolism. Also have in mind that smaller species tend to go pee more often due to smaller bladder. Nevertheless, there are some things that are always constant for example: 

  • Dogs always need to relieve themselves in the morning. So, if you intend on keeping a dog, make sure to go develop a habit of going out every morning.  
  • Before you go out, do not pet or excite your dog in anyway. This will make it prone to peeing uncontrollably.  
  • Same goes for playing. Dogs get excited during playing and their bladder may falter. As a precautionary measure, make sure your dog has already relieved himself beforehand. 
  • Puppy also needs to go out after meal. In most cases, you will have to take him out 5 to 30 minutes after a meal even if it doesn’t want to go. In some cases, this will happen from 45 to 60 minutes after lunch. No matter what, make sure you’re outside when it needs to relieve itself. 
  • Always take it to the same spot. Dogs can recognize smells easily and create connection according to them. Once they get used to a certain smell, they will constantly seek to relieve themselves in a similar area.
  • Surface is also important. If you start taking it to grass, make sure to continue doing so as it will create habit.
  • Lastly, dog needs to go out in the evening just before sleep.  

When it comes to meals, make sure that your dog eats its entire meal at once. If it stops eating, remove the food. Otherwise, the dog will eat during the whole day and you won’t be certain when you need to take it out. 


Puppies are same as children. They react to instincts and not commands. Only after some time, these commands will start making sense to them. This is why you need to create an instinctive habit that will lead them through life. 

No matter what, do it with love instead of punishment.  

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  1. Love all these tips for potty training puppies. My sister is talking of getting us a new puppy and all information on potty training is welcome.

  2. These are great tips, thanks for sharing! You are so right, puppies are exactly like children! They require just as much love and attention. I actually started with kids and am just now looking to get a puppy for our family. 🙂 I am excited to add another member to our family!

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