7 Reasons To Book a Holiday to Hong Kong

7 Reasons To Book a Holiday To Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most iconic cities and attracts thousands of tourists from around the globe each year. Sporting architecture ranging from ancient pagodas to futuristic skyscrapers it’s a truly unique city in character. It’s renowned for its food, nightlife and beaches – but if that wasn’t enough here are 7 more reasons to visit Hong Kong.

You Can Catch a Tan All Year Round

Hong Kong’s temperature rarely dips below sixteen degrees celsius in the height of winter making it possible to enjoy its beaches all year round. If you’re looking to catch a winter tan, Hong Kong could be the place to go.

You Can Shop Till You Drop

There’s a vast range of places to shop in Hong Kong. Even if you can’t afford the high price tags of the luxury stores in the Landmark mall, there are plenty of other malls to splash your cash. On top of this there are the traditional markets where you can buy handcrafted items for very cheap.

You Can Visit the Highest Bar in the World

7 Reasons To Book a Holiday to Hong Kong - You can visit the highest bar in the world

Ritz Carlton’s Ozone Bar is 1608 feet above sea level making it the highest bar in the world. From here you can enjoy a drink whilst taking in stunning views of the city. Visit on a clear day to get the most out of this bar’s incredible vistas.

You Can Go to Disneyland

If you thought France and the US were the only places that had Disney resorts, think again. China has two Disneylands – one in Shanghai and one in Hong Kong. The city also boasts another theme park called Ocean Park. There are plenty of Ocean Park and Disneyland hotel packages online. If you’re travelling with kids, visiting these theme parks is a must.    

You Can See Noah’s Ark

One of Hong Kong’s more bizarre sights is a large replica of Noah’s Ark. The ark happens to be a hotel with a few attractions for kids and several life-size animal models. There’s also a restaurant for staring out over the estuary.

You Can Take a Cruise on a Junk

Hong Kong’s iconic riverboats are known as junks. There are plenty of companies offering tours on these beautiful boats. Some junks even have cocktail bars on board whilst others offer the opportunity to wine and dine aboard them.

You Can Visit a Rabbit Cafe

You may be familiar with cat cafes but did you know that there also rabbit cafes out there? One such café known as Rabbitland exists in Hong Kong and allows you to get a bite for lunch and pet rabbits. This is certain to be a great hotspot for animal lovers – be wary that you may need to book ahead.

If you’ve taken a holiday in Hong Kong, let us know about your experience in the comments. 

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