7 Ways to Reuse Old Greeting Cards

7 Ways to Reuse Old Greeting Cards - Life in a House of Testosterone

Cards are a common part of any holiday in the U.S. They’re a way of telling someone you’re thinking of them. After you’ve finished with the card, it usually ends up in the trash. This isn’t good for the environment. 

What many people don’t realize is they can be changed easily. You can alter them and have them suit a different purpose. 

All it requires is some effort on your part. 

We give you some tips on how to reuse old greetings cards. By following these tips, you can do your part for the planet.

Not Use Them

One of the best things you can do is to turn to eCards. These are electronic cards sent through email. You might prefer something handwritten for that special someone, but for everyone else an eCard can suffice. 

Companies like Katies Cards sell them for just a few dollars. They’re far cheaper and easier to send than their paper counterparts. 

Also, they don’t have any environmental effect, so you can go green and still participate in the holiday season!

Gift Tags

Most cards are colorful and filled with patterns. Turn them into gift tags by cutting them into rectangles. You’ll get all manner of colors and shapes. It’s like making abstract art and is a fantastic way of saving money. 

The best part is you’ll have unique gift tags. Nobody else in the world will produce something exactly the same. With every cut, you get something entirely different.

Paper Baskets

Stitch your old cards together to make paper baskets. They can be used around the house for storing little items in. 

You can also store them for that next holiday, Try placing little gifts inside for the kids. They’ll love your attention to detail, and everyone will get a unique basket. 

If you really want to put your skills to the test, cut up the cards first. Cut them into little pieces and stitch them back together again. It’s not an option for the novice, though.


A collage is a series of little pictures and images glued and stuck together on a piece of card. You’ll probably find teenagers doing this with photos of their friends.

Gift cards are ideal for collages. The amount of variation you get with cards from different occasions means you can create all manner of fun things.

Some people have even taken to selling their art online. eBay is a great place to sell some of your unique collages. You can even frame them and preserve them for years to come.


Heavy cardstock is ideal for party bunting. Stream your cards together, after cutting them in half, and attach them to a string. Try cutting them into smaller pieces and ordering them to make funky patterns.

They’re more exciting than the standard packets of party bunting you pick up at the store. It’s also something to get the kids involved with!

Donate Them

Donating old greetings cards sounds like an impossible. After all, exactly how are you supposed to donate them when you’ve written in them? 

There are programs that repurpose them. They pass them on to families who need them. Donated greetings cards are put through a recycling process that makes them as good as new again.


Send out a postcard. Since we tend to write on the opposite side to the cover, it’s a matter of chopping it in half and writing on the inside cover. 

You might be limited in your choice of greetings card, though. Scenic greetings cards tend to work best for this.

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