8 Fab Educational Apps For Your Kids

As parents, we all want to see our kids get the best education possible. We know that education and knowledge open doors, and so we want those successes for our children as they grow. These days many of our kids love playing games on their tablets and their smartphones. You may be concerned about how much they are actually learning when doing so. To keep everyone happy, why not give a few of these educational apps a go together. 

1 . Spelling Stage

If your little ones struggle with spelling, this is undoubtedly a fantastic app to give a try. The app has a free trial, so you can test it out before getting a subscription. When you subscribe, you’ll access a huge range of spelling lists with hundreds of words. Lists range in difficulty so you can choose the correct level as appropriate. Your kids can access audio and visual clues plus upload their own content too. There’s a fun game involving an interactive spelling bee! In this game, the animal character stands on the stage and gets a visual or verbal prompt. From here, it’s your kid’s job to input the right letters on the virtual keyboard. No matter what age group, the spelling stage is an excellent way to becoming a top speller! 

2. Rocket Math

Rocket Math works to teach kids math facts to help them start to have fun as they learn. The idea behind the app is that you build a rocket and that you do this by earning cash to buy the rocket parts. The money is earned by- you guessed it, answering math questions! Once your rocket is finished, it’s time to get on the launch pad and blast off! Up in space, your child gets to complete some super fun missions spanning categories of fractions, telling the time, division, patterns, and more. Some children don’t take to maths right away, but the more that you practice with your kids, the more likely they are to start enjoying it. Whether it’s a correlated math problem or counting change together-practice makes perfect. Again, settings can be adjusted to suit a variety of age groups from 5 to 10-year-olds.

3. Science 360

Science 360 is an excellent app to get your kids excited about all things science! The app is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and is packed with amazing high-quality science videos across a huge range of subjects. From using alien telescopes to exploring the sea or explaining the science of hockey pucks- Science 360 offers your kids a wealth of fun knowledge. For older children, there are also readable articles and quizzes. Encourage your child to make notes on the different materials as they go; this can be a great way to keep track of new scientific knowledge.

4. Teach Your Monster To Read

This awesome app helps teach kids to read in a fun and simple way. The app was created to complement the early phonics and letters and sounds curriculum (phases 2-5). This award-winning game takes your kids on an enchanting journey where they’ll meet charming monster creatures who help them on the way. They’ll match sounds and letters, segment, blend, master tricky words, and work up to building full sentences.

5. Kids Academy Talented & Gifted

Here you’ll find a super unique and inspiring app for young learners. The program consists of AI, adaptive tech, games, and customized experience to give your kids a special learning journey. There are over 5,000 activities here, from puzzles and songs to worksheets and videos. Topics offered include science, arts, reading, math, and social studies too. Often, children all have at least one subject at school that they don’t like. Allowing them to tackle this subject independently away from the classroom can really help to take the pressure off. Often, a little alone time practicing with the subject is all that they need to gain a confidence boost. (Alone time with the help of a fun app that is!)

6. Curious World: Play Learn Grow

For preschoolers, Play Learn Grow is a fantastically engaging app. The app gives you ideas for fun (and messy) craft activities to do plus digital activities and videos. The diversity of activities in the app means that your preschooler will never get bored, plus kids love the character of Curious George. ( Be sure to also check out the TV show if this character goes down particularly well with your kids)! You might need to pre-watch a few of the videos first to find out which craft items you are going to need. 

7. Reading Eggs-Learn to Read 

Another fantastic app for preschoolers, Reading Eggs, uses interactive games, activities, and guided reading to give your kids an amazing reading experience. With over 2,000 digital storybooks, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Each lesson uses rewards, songs, and memorable characters to keep children engaged and making progress. Kids learn key reading and phonics skills via animated lessons. The repetition as the lessons follow ensure that skills learned are remembered long term.

8. DuoLingo Kids

To help your children master a new language, DuoLingo is a perfect way forward. Playing games with cute animal characters is the ideal way to get the lingo, whether Spanish or French. Lessons incorporate sentences and expressions, starting small and then building up to more complex phases. If you’ve ever attempted learning a language as an adult, you’ll know that it can be pretty tough! When you start learning as a child, it’s far easier to grasp. (With this in mind, get downloading)!

We know that not everyone learns the same way, so you may want to even look into language tutoring to help your child, as well as yourself! If you practice together, you might soon end up fluent too.

It’s essential to take regular breaks from using devices like smartphones and tablets. It can be a good idea to set your kids a time limit per day. Ensure that they get enough time playing organically amongst nature to, whether it’s a stroll in the forest, building a sandcastle on the beach or a kids camping trip.

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