8 Mandatory Tips for Beginner Hikers

As you can presume, hiking is not as easy as it seems. There are so many things you have to keep in mind. There is no room for negligence as you embark on your journey into the wild.

Preparation represents the majority of the process. Nevertheless, there are some things you should know while on the trail. With this compilation of tips, you will have the necessary knowledge to make your hike-thru.

8 Mandatory Tips for Beginner Hikers

1.  Get Into Proper Shape

Most people already fail on the first step. Truth be told, nothing can prepare you for a long, arduous hike. Nevertheless, you have to be responsible enough to get into a proper physical shape. Without this initial step, do not even think about hiking. Otherwise, you will be a liability, not only to yourself but to the entire group.

2.  Travel Light

Light and ultralight hiking is the way to go. Excess weight can only drag you down. It can lead to injuries, increased fatigue and accidents. Cut your weight in half. Go ultralight.

3.  Learn More About Flora and Fauna

There are always some hidden dangers when it comes to hiking. In most cases, these dangers refer to wild animals which you may encounter while on the trail. No matter where you are, you need to get acquainted with local flora and fauna and how to act if you get into danger.

4.  Inform Everyone That You Are Going on a Hike

Logically, you will tell your family that you are hiking. But, you should also register (if there is such an option) in a local trail organization. This way, if something happens, it will be much easier for rescue team to find you. Additionally, try to be available and make contact with your family when you have time.

5.  Hike With a Friend

Whether you are an experienced hiker or a beginner, it is much better to hike in a company. First of all, you will have someone to talk to and second, if something happens, you will have a backup. There are some other benefits of buddy system such as splitting the backpack supplies etc.

6.  Be Mindful of Water

Hikers should know several things when it comes to water. First thing is that you can get water on almost any trail. There are always some springs from which you can drink. Also, there is no need to carry a lot of water with you. Instead, try drinking on springs and resupplying while there. Make sure to filter the water. Otherwise, you may get stomach issues.

7.  Prepare at Least Some Food

Most trails have groceries and stalls where you can get food as you go. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t go empty handed. Benefit of preparing the food yourself is that you can dry it and pack it according to your needs. Food prepared at home can be pressed and reduced so that it is much smaller than raw food yet, it will have the same nutritious value.

8.  Think About the Clothes

Like most other things on this list, you should go minimalistic with your clothes. There is no need to carry more than one outfit. Only exception are socks. Get as much synthetic clothes as possible. They provide amazing protection against the rain and bad weather. Synthetic clothes are also much lighter than cotton.

In a way, hiking is a like an event. Everyone should know about it and there are special procedures you need to do in advance. However, this is what makes it safe. You need to be transparent, to prepare properly and only then, you will be ready for the hike.

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  1. I’m so not an outdoors kind of person. I think these are great tips, especially letting someone know you’re going hiking. I fear, however, that it only strengthens my dislike of hiking. lol

    • I bet if you started off small Lynne you would enjoy hiking … I love going on short hikes through state parks on well-traveled paths lol … I’m not the uber adventurous type that goes climbing up the side of a mountain range or anything lol!

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