9 Essential Reasons Why You Should Use Your Credit Card for Every Purchase

Credit cards are a great way to have the convenience of buying things online and in stores, but it is essential to use them responsibly. When you use your credit card on every purchase, you will earn rewards points (depending on the card) that can help pay for future purchases or travel expenses. Here are nine crucial reasons why you should use your credit card for every purchase.

Guaranteed Cashback

Using your credit card for every purchase will help you earn cashback rewards – provided your credit card company offers them. Every time you use it, the retailer pays a small fee to Visa or Mastercard, and you get those fees in cashback!

Weekly Deals

Retailers offer weekly deals on specific items that rotate each week. When you sign up for these email newsletters from places like H&M and GAP, you’ll get an opportunity to save on things that would cost more if purchased at the full price.

Rewards Points

When you use your credit card for every purchase, the cashback rewards accumulate over time. You can also exchange those points for other travel-related perks like free hotel nights!

Frequent-Flyer Miles

Another reason you should use your credit card for every purchase is to earn frequent-flyer miles. For example, if you fly United Airlines twice a year and spend $500 on that airline with your credit card each time, then the next four years of purchases will get you enough points to upgrade from economy class to business class!

Build Credit

More so, you should use your credit card for every purchase to build credit. For example, if you don’t have any other type of financing and want to buy a car, it’s often much easier to show the dealer that you can make monthly payments on time. Iso payment processing means that you can make the monthly payments and still have enough to pay for other expenses like rent or groceries.

Universal Acceptance

One more reason you should use your credit card for every purchase is to have universal acceptance. If you don’t want to carry cash, and all of your friends only take debit cards or checks, it’s helpful to show a form of payment that everyone will accept!


Another good reason why you should use your credit card for every purchase is safety. If you ever have your credit card stolen or lost, you can contact the bank and cancel the card before someone charges more than just that one time!

Avoid Fraud Losses

Using your credit card for every purchase will also help you to avoid fraud losses. For example, if someone hacks into one of the stores where you shopped and used a counterfeit card to make purchases over some time, then it’s vital that they not be able to use any more cards in the future!

At Least Double It

Lastly, using your credit card for every purchase still helps to bring in some money even when there are no rewards involved. For example, if you spend $500 on groceries and buy the same amount of gas, you’ll still end up spending at least double that to use cash.

credit cards in back pocket

In conclusion, there are many reasons why you should use your credit card for every purchase. From frequent-flyer miles to building credit, using your credit card is a great way to ensure that all of your assets are secure and convenient! So use this article as a reminder for the next time you’re about to whip out that debit card!

Have a Great Week!

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