9 Signs You’re Ready To Start Over In A New Place

There’s nothing quite like starting over in a new place. The chance to meet new people, work in a new sector and get to know a new pizza restaurant is exciting! The problem is that you’re torn. Do you really want to move the children to a new neighborhood where they don’t know anyone? Do you want to uproot schools and have to get to know the map of the unfamiliar? 

You also have to consider that you are moving from your house – the one you’ve spent time and money on to look beautiful – and it will need to be sold. The moving and storage company that you would higher for a move have to be gentle with your house – you are planning to sell it, and you don’t want anything bumping into the door frames on the way out of the house. So, how do you know you’re ready to start over? How do you know that listing your home is the right thing to do?

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You want to be appropriately known as you. When you’ve lived somewhere your whole life, you will be told by others that you are “so-and-so’s daughter/friend/sibling”. When you move, you reclaim your identity.

Moving is going to give you a chance to rewrite your own history. When people don’t know you, you can hide your past and be judged based on who you are now.

You’re so ready to explore somewhere totally new! You want new places to walk to and explore, and it takes moving to do it.

You always said you’d move somewhere new after college, but you never got around to it. You’re done with the old haunts now, though, and you’re finally feeling confident enough to move on.

Your job? It’s reached its ceiling. You have a dream job, but it’s not where you are right now. There’s no clear opportunity for you if you stay where you are and the longer you are waiting to move, the further you are from the next chapter of your life.

The weather? It sucks. Honestly, there is more rain than you ever want to see in your whole life and you’re ready to have a change. The lamp that rises like the sun in your bedroom just isn’t cutting it now, and you’re ready for a drier climate.

You’re done staring at the same buildings and the same streets. There’s nothing new to discover and nothing fun that gives you a thrill anymore. Instead of feeling like home, your town feels more like the boring place that you see every day.

The gossip in a small town is getting to you. You see the same faces each day, and you’re bored of no one new to get to know. Moving away is the better option because you’re ready to meet new people and learn how they tick.

The routine you have had for years? It’s getting old! You know that there is a chance that you’ll miss how familiar things are at first, but the pull of exploration is enough!

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