9 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home Before Selling It

Do you think it’s better to renovate or not renovate? If you’re thinking about selling your home, you should first consider this question.

When it comes to climbing your way up the property ladder to your ideal home, the worth of your current home must be maximized. The following is a list of suggestions for increasing the value of your home. All statistics are estimations and cannot be confirmed, but they will benefit your property greatly.

Changing The Look Of Your Cellar

Adding a room to an existing cellar can increase the value of a home by 30% if the building costs per square foot are less than the space’s values per square foot.

In truth, because it is a ‘change of use,’ you do not need planning approval to convert your cellar. If you want to make changes to a listed building, you’ll need to go to your local planning officer first.

Is there no cellar? Dig a basement to add square footage to your home, but keep in mind that drainage and excavation require specialized knowledge. To avoid future problems, make sure you hire the correct staff from the start.

Divide Your Home Into Apartments

Converting a house into flats may make sense when flats are in high demand and easy to rent. By dividing a property into different units, it is feasible to maximize rental revenue in the short term and profit on the sale in the long run.

Before you begin a project, do some research to ensure that there is a need for flats in the area. If three-bedroom properties aren’t selling, converting smaller flats could be a smart choice.

Turn Your Garage Into A Living Space

Garages that aren’t being utilized to park cars could be turned into residential quarters, especially if there is an outside parking area.

The first step is to figure out whether or not you’ll require planning approval and whether or not your garage is fit for conversion. If you convert a garage as authorized development, you won’t require planning approval, but double-check with your local planning authority.

When converting a garage, building codes must be observed to provide a sound structural basis. During the conversion process, building control services provided by your local council or an outside inspector can check that key sections (such as electrical, heating, and drainage) fulfill standards.

Converting A Loft Into A Bedroom

An extra bedroom can enhance the value of your home by 15%, especially if it has an en suite bathroom. In most circumstances, loft conversions are viable, but you should consult an architect or builder to be sure.

Including A Conservatory

Conservatories with full glass walls make you feel more connected to nature. To begin, think about your lifestyle and how you utilize your property to see if a modern or classic style is best for you.

Because glass will likely make up the majority of your conservatory, you should think about it carefully. From sun control glass to self-cleaning glass, there are a variety of glazing alternatives. Although double glazing is the very minimum required by building rules, there are numerous other options. Before making a decision, think about your unique needs as well as the design of your home.

You have numerous alternatives when it comes to the frame. Conduct research and get guidance from professionals before deciding on the material for your conservatory. Before making a purchase, compare the prices of uPVC, wood, and aluminum frames and get guidance.

Obtain Planning Approval

If you’re thinking about buying a house and adding value to it by adding additional extensions or making substantial modifications, find out if you’ll need planning permission first. Whether or not you can achieve that extra square footage, the yield calculations are meaningless if you can’t get the approval you need. 

Your Curb Appeal

Make the most of your garden space when selling your house, especially in London, where outdoor space is limited. A summer house, if planned as an additional room, can increase the value of a home while also turning a yard into a gathering space.

Paint your house, install a new front door and windows from Renewal by Andersen windows, and polish the metalwork to make a good first impression. Clean up your garden by mowing the lawn and sweeping up the leaves.

Renovate Your Bathroom

You may undoubtedly raise the value of your home by adding a new bathroom, but you will likely have to spend a significant amount of money to do so. Don’t fear, updating your home can be done on a budget.

Keeping your current layout is the most cost-effective option. If you need to move soil pipes and water pipes as a result of shifting sanitaryware, you may incur additional costs. Have you thought of replacing your bathtub enclosure? A frameless enclosure is typically more expensive than a framed enclosure. When deciding between an open and a concealed model, the exposed model should be chosen because the concealed form requires running the pipes through the wall.

It is also typical practice for wall-hung sanitaryware to be more expensive than floor-mounted sanitaryware. Inside the walls, there will be cisterns and brackets that must be disguised for security reasons. You can save even more money by purchasing a full bathroom suite rather than separate components. In addition, you should keep an eye out for seasonal sales.

Make Your Living Room More Open

By tearing down the wall that separates the kitchen and the living room, you may completely transform your home while also saving money. Depending on the load-bearing capability of the wall, you can do it yourself or employ an expert. It could be risky to remove it without professional assistance.

If knocking down an internal wall isn’t possible, you can build an extension on the back or side of your property. Even if it’s expensive and time-consuming, you’ll receive exactly the room you need with potential extra value to your property.

Although no assurances can be made, this information should assist you in increasing the value of your house. Do you have any other suggestions that could help? Please leave some suggestions in the comments section below.

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