A Baking Lovers Dream Kitchen

Cooking or baking is actually so therapeutic. Well, if you’re cooking for a family of five with young children, and you’ve got the young children at your feet pulling and poking whilst asking you a million times how long it’ll be until dinner, things can get a little stressful. But eventually the multitasking becomes easy, and cooking becomes a way of life.

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Baking however is a whole different ball game. It is more of a hobby, and a much more relaxing one at that. There’s so many different recipes out there for you to try that will make the most delicious sweet treats. But a great baker can’t become a great baker without a great kitchen. So if you know you love baking, here’s a dream kitchen idea for you that we know you’ll love. Have a read on and see what you think.

Decorate & Renovate

The decor of your kitchen actually plays a big part in how happy you’re going to be whilst in it. The brighter and more modern it is, the better you’re going to feel about it. For most women, the kitchen is the shrine of the house as well. So for the decor, we’re going to recommend keeping it nice and light. It helps to keep the heat out of the room, whereas dark walls would only attract it. Plus, white walls are the easiest ones to work with when it comes to colour schemes as well.

If your kitchen is a little outdated, then it is definitely time for a renovation. First, think about the flooring, cupboards, and countertops. To replace all of these is rather expensive, so we’ve got a few ways of making it cheaper for you. First, for the flooring, you can have look alike tiles that cost a fraction of the price compared to normal ones. For example, look alike marble really does look incredible, and it hardly costs anything compared to the real thing. You could also consider refinishing kitchen cabinets to save yourself money. Although cabinets definitely don’t cost as much as tiles to replace, you’ll still find yourself forking out hundreds.

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Refinishing aims to improve the quality of your old cabinets, which in turn leaves them looking as good as new. You can even have the colours changed so it feels like a totally new cupboard as well. Finally, for the countertops we recommend a nice granite surface. Yes, it is slightly expensive, and we don’t have a cheaper alternative for you because we know how amazing this one looks! Plus, it’s really easy to keep clean as well.


If you’re a lover of baking, you need the gadgets to go with it. There are so many things that you can buy to make the whole cooking process a little easier. First, let’s start with the biggest and best thing that we can recommend that you buy, and that’s the kitchenaid.

A quick Google search will show you how expensive these things are, but you most definitely get your money’s worth from it. It whisks up anything you need with perfection, and it has many more settings as well such a kneading if you were thinking of making bread.

The second bit of tech that we recommend you get is the oven itself. So many bakers and cookers are held back simply due to not having enough space to cook everything that they want to. So why not go for the double oven look. This can be implemented when you do a little renovation work, but be warned, it will be costly. However, the time you’ll save, and the foods you’ll be able to bake will be more than worth it.


We’ve spoke about oven space possibly being limited, but what about the space in the entire kitchen. Again, this can be solved with a little bit of renovating. Companies know exactly how to layout your kitchen to maximize the space as much as possible, so it might be worth contacting the professionals to see what they can do. In the meantime, consider things like whether you really need that kitchen table, or if the table in the dining room will do just fine.

Taking the table away can save so much space for you and your family. If you are going to chose to go for a renovation, you could always consider an open plan kitchen and diner. It looks so modern and creates space you never thought would be possible.

So now you know our idea of a baking lovers dream kitchen. If you have a dream kitchen in mind, make sure you share it with us!

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