A Chin Is As Hard As A Brick Wall

Imagine this…it is Wednesday afternoon and the Demon Squad is home from school and hyped up on whatever flavor of sugar they served that day.  They were literally DRIVING. ME. NUTS.  Playing ball in the house (which they know is a definite no-no) and when I heard my crystal candlesticks topple over onto the stone table that was it.  I threw the entire lot of them outside in 30 degree temperatures.  (Yes, I let them grab their winter coats and hats before giving them the boot…I’m not completely heartless).
So a game of tag ensues outside.  Chasing each other back and forth and then all of a sudden, a blood-curdling scream and the phone rings.  It’s The Man Thing calling to tell me to get Tre and see what the hell is wrong with him. 
In he comes, barreling through the front door, screaming at the top of his lungs, and holding his right eye.  I have to scream at the top of my voice for him to shut up so I can even be HEARD and then calmly ask him what happened.  In between the screaming and sobbing I learn that he was chasing Jonathan when he stopped all of a sudden and turned to face Tre.  His legs were apparently carrying him at warp speed because he couldn’t stop in time and his little face connected with Jonathan’s chin.  He moved his hand and there was just a small bruise near his eye, like a brush burn if you will.  I told him to calm down and hold a pack of frozen peas on it.  I went and took the clean clothes out of the dryer and heard him start to freak the hell out.
In that short span of time from his walk from the living room to the bedroom, a goose egg had developed and some major bruising.


It has gotten considerably darker but he won’t allow me to take any more pictures.  Not to mention the fact that his front tooth that has been loose for some time now finally came out, so he’s missing two teeth up top and one on the bottom.  Looks like someone beat the crap out of the poor kid.
Our internet was out yesterday or I would have posted about it…had to do some sweet talking to get it back on today.  But it’s Friday night and I’m tired and my favorite movie of all time, Pretty Woman, is on – so I’m out to watch television!  Have a good night all!

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