A Dark And Moody Bedroom

Show your complex side with a dark and moody bedroom, with subtle Victorian-inspired elements. You don’t even need to convince the spirits for inspiration though! Just read on for some suggestions.

A Dark And Moody Bedroom


Begin your room transformation by painting the walls a dark color. Plums, greys, and even blacks can work well, as long as you balance these in the room design as a whole.

The tone of the shades is important too, as you can achieve a luxuriant effect with rich, warm-toned paints. While a muted slightly washed out or chalky tone will provide a softer, more ethereal space.

When painting the walls, go for all over colour on each wall, floor to ceiling. Also, if there are any traditional features leave them be and just paint over them, as they will provide added detail and interest. You can even create such features yourself like coving and panels by following how-to guide like the ones here.


Next, let’s deal with the bed. Now you may be expecting me to recommend a gothic Victorian style bed here, or at least an elegant headboard? However, your bedroom inst a film set, it’s a space that you have to live in day to day, and as such you will want to keep the Victoriana or Gothic touches subtle.

That is why it’s best, instead to go for a good quality bed in a modern design like the ones available from John Ryan by Design at their store. Ensure that the colour and texture of the bed and headboard fit the room by picking the darker grey or crushed velvet options. Then at least if you do change your mind on the decor, you will still have a fully functioning, comfortable, and usable bed.


For a dark and moody bedroom, the bedding is a key aspect. In fact, it where you balance the rest of the tones in the room, and that means that light bedding is on the cards.

Using lighter bedding also help to keep the room firmly planted in the modern era, and will make it a pleasant space to spend your time, rather than a shrine to decades past.

A Dark And Moody Bedroom - Bedding


Once you have the bed out of the way, you can move on to your furniture choices. This is where you can really let that Victoriana spirit flow and create some pieces that are dramatic and atmospheric without being overwhelming.

Look for more ornate or carved tall boys, wardrobes, and even side or card tables that you can use by the side of the bed. Dark wood finishes work well here, and if you choose to go for more worn vintage pieces, this can also fit brilliant to into your scheme.

However, if you want to combine maximum impact, with Victoriana and still keep a modern edge, why not use chalk paint in the same colour that you have on the walls to cover the furniture pieces?

This gives a wonderful effect and is pretty easy to do, as using chalk paint does not require the piece of furniture to go through traditional preparation stage before being applied. Read more about how to do this here.

Objet d’art

Another area, in which you can let your imagination run a little wild is the decoration and use of objet d’art in a dark and moody bedroom. In fact, it is in this element that you will be able to include the most references to Victoriana if you so choose.

Think candlesticks, small jewellery boxes inlaid with mother of pearl, and old books. Alternatively, use images from the 1800s on the walls in modern frames to achieve that balance between the two time periods.

A Dark And Moody Bedroom - Moon Phases Posters

You can even go really gothic and decorate with items like this replica bird skull ring box and posters of moon phases if you like.


To achieve the perfect feel in you dark and moody bedroom you must get the lighting right. To do this, you will need to bear in mind two things. The first is that you will want a central light that is dimmable, combined with additional lamps by the side of the bed. A setup that gives you maximum control over the light, and can help you achieve the mood you are looking for.

A Dark And Moody Bedroom - Luxury Lighting
A chandelier will scintillate in the low light.

Secondly, using the central light as a statement piece can work incredibly well too. Think chandeliers, bird cages, and ornate pendant lamps here. Ones that will sparkle and scintillate with the low light and help you to perfect the dark and moody ambience in your bedroom that you seek.

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