A Family Circle Completed

danielle and vanessa

On August 6, 1996, Vanessa was born Jennifer Gloria to my sister, Danielle.

On August 9, 1996, my sister gave her up for adoption to an absolutely wonderful family.

It broke her heart.

It broke my heart.

Danielle wanted to keep her. Being she was only 14 at the time, and Dad had his hands full trying to raise her by himself (and he was definitely not a baby person lol!) so he forced her to give Jennifer up for adoption. I wanted to adopt her myself, but I was not in the financial (or mental and emotional) state to be able to do so.

Every year since then, my sister and I have quietly celebrated this missing little girl’s birthday and offered up a prayer that she was safe, loved, and happy. For sixteen years we have done this.

On February 19, 2013, Danielle received a friend request from Vanessa Gloria.

We knew who Vanessa Gloria was.

A mutual friend had told us.

Danielle accepted Vanessa’s friend request, and a birth mother and daughter were reunited. Vanessa accepted my friend request as well, and aunt and niece were reunited.

Tomorrow, March 3, 2013 – the birth mother and daughter will meet for lunch with Vanessa’s parents.

The stock for Kimberly-Clark (the makers of Kleenex) is going to go up about 300% tomorrow.

The two of them will go through an entire warehouse of tissues by the time their lunch is over.

…and I’ll be bawling my eyes out right along with them from Virginia…

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  1. This is absolutely wonderful news. I am so happy for all involved. I can't imagine what you two have been going through for all these years. This is just one more proof that all happens in God's time, not ours.

    • Definitely the truth hon … His time, not ours. Feeling just extremely blessed and thankful for my sister and Vanessa. She's a beautiful young lady – so very, very grateful to her parents for raising such a wonderful lady.

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