A Guide to Choosing an Electric Car or Scooter for Your Child

Electric cars or scooters are loads of fun for children; however, figuring out the best one for your child can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for when shopping for a kids’ electric car. We’ve put together this guide to help you figure out which is best for your child and his/her age. The options are grouped together based on ages, and we’ll explain the capabilities and features you should expect when choosing an electric car for the kids.

The first consideration is what your child is interested in and their unique abilities. Would your child prefer a replica of a Chevy, Ford, Jeep, etc? Or, would your child prefer an electric car that looks like a vehicle on their favorite cartoon?

After this, you need to consider the power capabilities of the electric car. If you choose an electric car that is too powerful, it could scare your child. If it does not have enough power, your child may become bored quickly. Ask yourself are there any other features that you think are important like a parental remote that allows you to take control of the electric car.

Once you have answered these questions, it is time to look at the different options available for each age level. Continue reading to ensure you are able to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a kids’ electric car.

Lil' Rider Car

Electric Cars for Ages 0-2

Children aged 0 to 2 are developing their fine motor skills, which means they are vulnerable to falls. If you want to purchase an electric car for a child in this age group, you need to ensure that it is designed for very young children. These electric cars will have a number of features to help prevent accidents, including a supportive seat to minimize falls. Additionally, these cars have low powered motors that only allow for speeds up to 2 miles per hour.

Cars in this age group are controlled using a one touch button rather than the pedals and multiple speed settings found in electric cars for older children. Additionally, these cars often have a parental remote control that allows the parent to control the vehicle to help prevent accidents.

Electric cars for ages 0 to 2 years old are designed for indoor use (preferably on a carpeted surface) to help minimize the risk of injury in the case of an accidental fall. Electric toys such as ride-on toys like electric scooters won’t be suitable yet as they are for outdoors and children need to be stable. Also, because of the dangers associated with using an electric car outdoors in children of this age, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and only allow this electric toy to be used on level terrain. If you are concerned that your child may get away from you, there are models that are restricted to a track. With this type of electric car, your little one can enjoy “driving”; however, they will be confined to a specific area. These track-based electric vehicles come in the form of cars, trucks and trains and offer a safe and secure way to allow your child to experience powered travel safely.

Dixney Pixar Cars 3 Lightning McQueen Car

Electric Cars for Ages 3 to 5

By the age of 3, most children have developed reflexes and motor skills needed to handle a more powerful vehicle. These electric cars typically have a more powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 6 miles per hour. The electric cars for this age group often feature detailed bodywork, giving the electric car a more realistic look. You will find licensed electric cars featuring the likeness of vehicles from television shows and movies, such as the Lightning McQueen electric car. This type of electric car can handle outdoor terrain, including sand, grass and gravel. Some of the more rugged vehicles can even be used in the mud! Check out the specifications of the electric car to learn the best type of terrain for each of these electric children’s vehicles.

Electric cars for children aged 3 to 5 often offer other features like an FM radio, foot pedal operation to simulate driving a real car and realistic engine sounds. These cars often have a passenger area, which allows them to take their friends or siblings for a ride. Finally, many of these electric vehicles still offer parental remote controls, which allows you to remotely take control should an issue arise.

The recommended power level of an electric car for this age range should be chosen based on the child’s abilities. Most 3 and 4 year old children will be happy with a 6 volt electric car; however, more adventurous children with advanced coordination may be able to handle a 12 or 24 volt electric kids’ car. To help you understand the difference in the power, a 6 volt electric car typically cannot exceed speeds of 2 miles per hour, a 12 volt electric car typically cannot exceed speeds of 3.5 miles per hour and a 24 volt electric car cannot exceed speeds of 6 miles per hour. There is a large selection of electric cars in this age group. The power of the electric car should be based on your child’s ability to ensure your child’s safety.

Electric Cars for Ages 5 to 8

Beginning at the age of 5, a child will be able to handle a more advanced electric child’s car. The electric cars in this age group will look like cars found on the road today. You will be able to find electric Jeeps, Mercedes and Lamborghinis. In addition to looking like real cars, the electric cars in this age group will offer a large selection of features to help simulate a real driving experience.

Typically, a 24 volt electric child’s car is recommended; however, if your child is more caution, you may want to opt for a 12 volt electric car. The electric cars in this age group can be used on a variety of outdoor terrains. Many of these cars feature multiple gears (including reverse) and double motor features to help handle tough terrains. Many of these cars in this age group still offer parental remote controls; however, some of the more advanced electric cars do not offer this feature.

Because children in this age group have advanced coordination and reflexes, it is recommended that parents choose a dual motor system, which gives the car additional power and multiple gears to offer a more realistic and immersive driving experience.

Electric Cars for Ages 8 and Older

By age 8, children have developed fine motor skills and coordination need to handle electric kids’ cars that have multiple gears and additional power. Like the other age groups, electric cars for older children are found in a range of popular car models. These cars feature a stronger motor to handle difficult terrain and the added weight of an older child. This type of electric car will offer more advanced features, including FM radio, gas and brake pedals, reverse and much more to help ensure your child has a realistic driving experience.

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