A Guide to Sourcing the Best Removalist for a Stress-Free Experience

Let’s face it, no one likes moving house, which can be a very stressful experience, yet there are times when we have to up and relocate; it might be due to work or simply that you wish to move to a larger home or a nicer area. If you have managed to sell your home and are looking forward to moving into a new dwelling, here is our guide to sourcing the best removal company for a stress-free moving experience.

Start With An Online Search

Unless you happen to know someone who has recently moved and is very happy with the removalist, the next best thing is a Google search, which will bring up a long list of Australian removal firms and your quest for the ideal removalist can begin. There are, for example, top-rated removalists in Liverpool that offer a premier service to Sydney homeowners and they can be found with a Google search.

Check Online Testimonials

It is worth reading the testimonials found on a removalist’s website, plus they might also be part of an independent review system, such as Google Reviews, where stars are awarded. Anything at 4.5 stars and above is regarded as excellent.

Affiliation with Industry Federations

One good indicator of quality service is when the removalist is associated with industry federations, which adds a lot of credibility. You can find out by scanning the company’s website; if they have affiliations, there will be logos and symbols that show this. Click here to find out about moving abroad.

Diverse Range of Services

A top-rated removal company would offer a wide range of services that include the following:

  • Complete packing service (including supply of packing materials)
  • Secure storage facilities
  • Interstate & international removals
  • End of lease cleaning service
  • Container removals

Nothing is too much trouble for a customer-focused removal company, so you can expect all the help you need.

Telephone Quotes

Any removal firm that offers a quote over the phone should be avoided; it is impossible to quote for a project unless the removalist pays the customer a visit, as they need to know exactly what is going to be included in the move. When you approach a removal company, they would arrange a visit from one of their technicians to ask questions and gather data, which is used to quote for the project.

Comparing Services and Prices

You should not accept the first quote you are given; ask several top-rated removalists to quote, then you can make an informed decision.  Like most industries, there are good providers and not so good providers; using Google’s Advanced search features, you can hunt down not so good reviews.

To conclude, sourcing the best removalist in Sydney is definitely doable if you follow the advice in this short article and we hope you enjoy a stress-free move and start the next exciting chapter of your life.

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