A Happy Challenge: Embracing Changes For A Fulfilling Life

When you’re a busy mom, it can be so easy to get stuck in an everyday routine. Whether it’s what you eat, where you shop, or what you get up to every Saturday afternoon, you don’t realize that you’ve been doing the same thing again and again, because it’s what you’re comfortable with. Change, and stepping outside of your comfort zone, can be daunting; but, what seems like risks are often opportunities to better your life. So, it’s time to be brave and do something exciting. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for women who feel ready to dream big and embrace some changes, for a far happier and more fulfilling life ahead.

A Happy Challenge

New Work Prospects

If you’re feeling rundown each time you get home from work or have a feeling of dread each evening at the thought of stepping foot in your office, then it’s time to consider a change. Or, perhaps you’ve been out of work for a while, and are keen to get back into the swing of things. Think about all your qualifications, and what you can offer an employer, and then get out there to see what’s on offer for you. Why shouldn’t you do something you enjoy each day, and get paid for it in the meantime.

There are an array of options that are perfect for those who already have commitments (and, what mom doesn’t?); whether you take on an online RN BSN or decide to take on work that will allow you to train and teach, while still being paid, it’s worth taking some time out to really consider what you want. Maybe it’s not the type of job you have an issue with, maybe the people within your workplace are constantly bringing you down. If work has become miserable, take extra time and effort, in your evenings and at the weekend, to polish your resume and search for something new.

Fresh Interests And Challenges

If you already have a keen interest in something or fancy taking up something totally new, why not search for any clubs or meetups that you’re able to attend. Again, you’ll make new friends in no time as you already have a common interest, and you get to do something you love, in great company. Take a look online for some cool hobby ideas that you might like to try, and start trying things out as soon as you’re able.

Going to the theater, trying a new restaurant, or attending a festival are all things you might not think about doing, because you think those options will always be there. But being proactive and booking tickets or a table somewhere will open you up to an array of positive experiences and opportunities. You might find that you’re actually a huge fan of musicals, live comedy, or falafels; but, if you’ve never tried something, how will you know if you like it or not. So get out there and do all that you’re able to; it’ll result in incredible memories, lifelong friendships, and a positive change to your everyday life.

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  1. After a stay at home mom for 18 years, I started taking art classes at the community center. I am NOT an artsy person so it was a challenge for me.

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