A How To Guide For A Beautiful Antique Bathroom

Creating a beautiful antique bathroom can give you a stunning place to soak in the tub, reflect back on your day, and get ready for the day ahead. Antique bathrooms never go out of style, and the great think about them is that you can make them suit your tastes perfectly. Not all antique bathrooms are created equal – you need to choose the antique furniture and ornaments carefully to match your desired look! Here’s a how to guide for your own beautiful antique bathroom:

A Standalone Tub

Standalone tubs are usually a key feature in an antique bathroom. They look perfectly vintage, and add an amazing feature piece. They draw the eye straight away, so make sure you pick a stunning tub that will stand the test of time in your antique bathroom!

Antique Vanities

Your vanities make all the difference to your antique bathroom. You can still create an antique bathroom with glossy white vanities; after all, there are no rules. However, if you want your bathroom to look seriously antique, you’re going to want to have a look at stores like https://www.tradewindsimports.com/bathroom-vanities.html that sell very traditional looking vanities for bathroom styles like this.

Mixing Modern And Antique

It’s totally fine to mix both modern and antique if you prefer. You could create a bright white antique bathroom with painted wooden floors, and then add a bright pop of color in your storage units to make it look more interesting and a little bit more up to date. You don’t want your bathroom to look too old – you still want it to look stylish.

How to Guide for Vintage Bath

Add Flowers

Flowers should be in every room in the house, and your bathroom is no different. Flowers in the bathroom give it a gorgeous feel and you’ll feel happy whenever you look at them. They help to purify the air and add a little color to any room.

Vintage Artwork

What’s an antique bathroom without some stunning vintage artwork? You don’t have to splash out on original paintings for this, so don’t worry. Try shopping in second hand stores, at garage sales, and anywhere else you might find some hidden gems. If all else fails you could always simply frame some cheap prints, or get a local artist to create something vintage looking for you. You’ll pay a fraction of the price than buying an original piece of artwork, and you’ll have something gorgeous to show off in your home forever.

Oversized Mirrors

Oversized mirrors can be used to create a feature wall in your bathroom, and they’re also extremely helpful for getting ready and looking your best. An antique bathroom wouldn’t be antique without a stunningly ornate mirror or two decorating the walls, so see what you can find online or in store!  

Which of these tips are you going to use to create your own antique bathroom? There’s lots of inspiration on sites like Pinterest if you need it, but don’t forget to put your own spin on your bathroom. You can have a lot of fun creating something like this.

Do you love antique bathroom styles? Leave your own ideas and thoughts below. Thanks for reading!

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