A Keto-Friendly Low Carb Cereal for Adults

From the fairy tales of goldilocks eating the porridge left by the three bears to our real-life porridge breakfast stories, who knew that decades later the idea of a simple breakfast like a porridge would change into a more modern craze including hundreds of different options of the cereal.

What is the new craze you ask?  The Keto Diet. And with it all sorts of other Keto foods like breakfast cereals, drinks, snacks, sports drinks, and recipes. Everyone’s talking about it and everyone is trying it out for themselves.

When the keto diet first originated, it was compared to a similar diet called the ‘Atkins Diet’. Needless to say, some studies found that following a keto diet has profound benefits, especially weight loss through the process of ‘ketosis’ (the metabolic process that burns stored fats in the body.)

It meant that the simplest idea of eating between 3 straight meals and sometimes up to 6 a day, had now been turned upside down. Where fats were bad, they are now good and where protein was good, in moderation is now better.

But this idea, similarly to all the other diets of our generations, did not phase companies or manufacturers, they rode this wave too. Thus, it began the new era of keto-friendly breakfast cereals, and in particular keto-friendly low carb cereal for adults, because cereal is not just for kids anymore.

With its demand on its highest since it was first coined back in the 80s, there has been even more reasons to add to the existing variety of choices in our retail stores and on shelves of supermarkets. Some of which have sections dedicated to hundreds of different options for cereals for children that are packed with sugars and harmful artificial ingredients, but seldom do you find a breakfast cereal that’s dedicated towards both a keto-friendly lifestyle and made for adults.

But now there is.

With these new products, these take all the junk out of normal cereals and put back only what’s good for your health. The creators of these cereals state that they have spent years trying out different formulas to finally find the right one that has protein and healthy fats from only natural components like coconut oil, tapioca flour and even a protein blend that includes whey, all of which importantly are non-GMO (genetically modified organism).

GMO affects multiple food groups that we consume on a daily basis. Studies have been conducted on the impact on the environment with GMO products that continually affect both normal animal and plant life. And found that almost 80% of all these plants that have been genetically engineered and grown worldwide are tolerant to herbicides and pesticides. This means that they can sprout things like ‘superbugs’ and ‘superweeds’ which are also tolerant to herbicides which do more harm than good to our bodies if consumed. Another good reason to invest in foods that are closer to organic and natural ingredients. Read more here.

These cereals may be slightly more expensive than normal cereals, but there is a good reason for this. Even though these look like and may even taste like your every-day garden variety of cereal, nutritionally it is way better than them. Just read up on their list of ingredients on the website or on the cereal box itself and you will immediately notice the difference. Holistically, it is definitely cheaper than any other ‘healthy cereals’ on the market.

Even though it is created with the keto-diet in mind with only 3g carbs and 6g saturated fats, it is also good for children. In fact, it should probably be given to children instead of the ‘unhealthy’ variety you find in stores. Children form the habit of snacking all day long, so instead of giving them crisps or cookies to snack on, you can easily leave a bowl of this good stuff for them on the kitchen or coffee table to munch on as and when and they won’t even get a sugar rush from it. The added sugar that is stated on their packaging is from a plant-based ingredient called ‘allulose’, which comes from the extraction of the sweet elements of figs and raisins, and the bonus is it is sweeter than normal sugar and does not spike your insulin: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/326198.php

We can sometimes throw the word ‘healthy’ around quite a bit. So, when we read the words ‘healthy’ on a box of cereal or a jar of sauce, we immediately dispel any myths that say otherwise. Nowadays it is advisable to try not to believe everything you read and do the homework yourself.

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  2. Thank you so much for explaining this way of eating some. I didn’t know a lot about this way of eating but it sounds great. I really appreciate all this great information

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