A Kid-Free Grown-Up Day Out?

It doesn’t happen often. But when it does it leaves you in a spin. The grandparents have offered to take the kids for a weekend! It couldn’t have come at a better time either. The two of you have been desperate for some quality time alone. It’s important to make every hour count. Of course, you’ll miss the kids. A full overseas vacation isn’t right just now. But a grown-up, kid-free day out could be just the ticket.


Wherever you choose to go, you know the road trip is going to be so much easier without the kids there. Traveling with kids can sometimes be so tiring that you feel like you’ll never arrive at your destination. When it’s just the two of you, you can crank up the tunes, talk like adults to each other, and have that long overdue catch-up. Leave the child seats in the garage and pile the back seats up with all of your favorite things for a change.

A Kid-Free Grown-Up Day Out


So what will you pick to do? You might try a wine tasting tour like the one at this website. Or maybe you fancy a coastal swim? How about some ice skating at your local rink? Or maybe you just fancy a five-star meal at the most exclusive restaurant you can find? Choose something that gives you both a memorable experience. After all, this sort of freedom to do grown-up activities doesn’t come along very often these days.


Chances are you’ll talk about the kids. You’ll probably each check in with the kids. No doubt, you’ll worry a little about the kids! But do try to enjoy your time together as a couple rather than as doting parents. There is plenty to talk about. What are your plans for the next few months? What personal projects are you both getting involved with? And how is work treating you? Don’t forget to talk about your next escape from the children. What will you plan for that one?

A Kid-Free Grown-Up Day Out - Just the Two of You


It’s really nice to get dressed up in your favorite clothes for a change. There are no babies to vomit over your shoulder. No toddlers to chase after. And no need to dig out your wellies to navigate the muddy play park. Today you can wear an elegant blouse, heels, and your most attractive skirt. You can dress like the beautiful woman you are. Add a few curls in the hair, an extra layer of lipstick, and even some false lashes. Make the most of it!


All too quickly your day will be over. You’ll have to pack up your things, get in the car and head back to the kids. No doubt they’ll be over-excited from their fun time with the grandparents. You might have to help them wind down a bit. But you don’t care. You’ve missed them. As much as you’ve delighted in having some time for the two of you, neither of you would want to stay a moment longer away from your children. Time to return to family life again.

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