A PSA on Facebook Videos and Facebook Messenger Messages

Just this morning I was watching a PSA video of President Obama speaking – but it was actually a fake where artificial intelligence was used by Jordan Peele to show just how easy it is to manipulate video clips for your own purposes. Watch the video here and see for yourself.

As they stated in this clip – Google is your friend. When in doubt – GOOGLE IT!

This is for those of you who see videos and messages in Messenger and think they are the real thing. THEY ARE NOT TRUE and I don’t want to keep telling you that they aren’t true. Case in point – this video of Mark Zuckerberg stating that he is going to be deleting Facebook.

Do you see how utterly ridiculous this has become? This FAKE VIDEO has received over 32 million views. People! Where is your common sense?

Your first warning bell that this isn’t true should be the fact that the OWNER OF THE COMPANY is telling you that he is going to DELETE HIS METHOD OF EARNING A LIVING AND DELETING HIS INCOME. Come on people .. think! That’s like me telling you that I’m going to quit my job and go live under a rock. 

The second warning bell that this isn’t true is just by LISTENING. When have you ever heard Mark Zuckerberg refer to himself as “Zuck” or “the Zuck Man?”

The third warning bell that this isn’t true is watching his mouth when he speaks and listen to the accent – it sounds absolutely nothing like Zuckerberg. If you’ve never heard Zuckerberg speak – then watch the video of the Congressional hearing below where the REAL Mark Zuckerberg was speaking. Just 3 minutes is enough time to listen to realize it is not the same person speaking – even though it appears as though Mark Zuckerberg is the one speaking in the video above posted by Video of the Internet.

Now — if you can handle it — watch the A World Without Facebook video above to the end and you will see in the last seconds when the credits run that this is SATIRE … that it is not connected to Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg in any way. In other words people – MARK ZUCKERBERG IS NOT SHUTTING FACEBOOK DOWN.

Common Sense Is Not So Common - A PSA on Facebook Videos and Facebook Messenger Messages

And while we are at it – let me offer another pet peeve of mine. These Facebook messages that I get via Messenger.

Messenger is owned and operated by Facebook. When you see an announcement on the verified official Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/facebook/ – or posted publicly on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile – then you can believe that it is true. Facebook and/or Messenger is not going to pay 45 cents to anyone just because you forward a message to your friends and family.

The same goes for messages such as the one below – when you are told to send this to 18 different people on your list to get something free, or something good will happen in 24 hours, or the tornado headed your way will magically skip your house. Not to mention the horrible grammar that is used … but that’s another pet peeve for another day.

Posts like this are bullshit people and I would greatly appreciate it if everyone would just use the common sense that their Higher Power gave them and THINK before you SEND.

Thank you.

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