A Quick Guide to Selling Products on Your Blog

Most blogs start out as a hobby. People want to share their ideas or stories about their life and get involved with the online community for a bit of fun. But if your blog starts to a get a lot of subscribers that are reading it on a regular basis, you’ve got an opportunity to start making a bit of money by becoming a professional blogger. You can use ads and sponsored posts to earn some extra cash from your hobby, which is great. If you’re really serious about blogging full-time, the key is to find a lot of different ways to make money out of your blog which all add up to a full-time wage. One of the best ways to earn decent money from your blog is to sell products on there. You’ve already got a customer base there in your readers, you just need to start offering them something and you should make some sales almost immediately. If you’re thinking about selling products through your blog, here’s everything that you need to know.

A quick guide to selling products on your blog

Find A Product That Fits Your Niche

Picking the right product is obviously important and when you’re choosing, you should look at what the most popular posts on the blog are and let that guide your choices. For example, if you post a lot of recipes on your blog and they get a lot of views and positive comments, you’ve obviously got a lot of people that are interested in cooking reading your blog. So, kitchen equipment, recipe books or ingredients are all great things that will sell well on your blog. Let your existing customer base guide you and see what they’re likely to be interested and you should be able to start earning more money in no time.

Secure Accounts

If people are buying products from you, they need to be able to log in. If they have to put their delivery address and card details in every time they buy something, you’re giving them more time to change their mind and often, they just won’t bother. It’s absolutely vital that you make sure that the accounts are secure and you’re only sharing customer details with the person in question. That means you need a good identity verification service on the site. This product from Junio is comprehensive, easy to use for you and your customers and, most importantly, it’s very secure. If you end up losing customers credit card details, you’re going to be in big trouble and you’ll lose a lot of customers.

Don’t Turn The Blog Into An Advert

It’s important that you don’t lose sight of the blog itself and just turn it into one big advert for your products. People are still visiting the site because they like to read the good quality content that you’re posting on there. If you stop doing that and start promoting your products all of the time instead, you’re going to lose a lot of readers and your other income streams will fall apart. Carry on as you are, just make the occasional post advertising your products and link to them in articles when it’s relevant.

If you get it right, selling products on your blog is another great income stream that you can use to supplement the money you get from ads and sponsored posts.

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