A Small Steps Approach To A Renovation That Keeps You Sane

When novelists attack a 100,000+ word novel, they take each chapter as it comes. Some even state that they write as though car headlights are illuminating each scene. This has nothing to do with home decor, of course, but it still holds a rather valuable renovation lesson – the need to split things up.

After all, considering any epic project in its entirety can be overwhelming, leading to a tangled effort that never reaches the end heights you first imagined. And, that’s certainly just as true of home renovations as it is novel writing.

The fact is that a small step approach will undeniably breathe life into your renovation project, while simultaneously taking stress off your shoulders. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out why segmenting the work will undeniably save your sanity


No Big Picture Panics

If you’re forever thinking about your house as a whole when you sit down to make plans, you’ll soon be overcome with such panic that you shut the blueprints and never return. Either that, or you’ll be so distracted by what needs to happen elsewhere that you’ll barely be able to plan each task. The fact is that major home improvements are daunting when they come in one big chunk. Instead, taking each thing out of the bag in bite-sized pieces should mean that you actually complete the job.

The Best Way to Get Your Priorities In Order

Trying to tackle everything at once can leave priorities out of whack. You may well end up completing small niggly jobs before you’ve got the big stuff out of the way. Worse, those small jobs could end up needing doing again after the dust and general mess caused by those bigger projects. In short, this is a guaranteed way to waste your time and add even more work onto your already overloaded plate. Don’t let it happen by instead taking the time to work out what to remodel first so that everything comes together as it should. For instance, redoing the plaster in the kitchen should always come before recarpeting the landing, and so on. It’s not rocket science, but it could really see your renovation taking off. 

A Chance to Get Everything Right

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Don’t forget, either, that only focusing on the task at hand is the best chance you have of getting each part of your renovation just right. This way, you aren’t juggling multiple renovation balls or forever thinking about the next thing. Rather, you’ll be able to focus 100% of your attention on what you’re doing at the time, and the results will surely show.

We get the temptation to tackle renovation in one big chunk. You just want your home how you know it could be, and taking big bites out of a project seems like the fast route. Realistically, though, as well as feeling entirely overcome, you’ll likely take a lot longer this way. Instead, split the task into sections you can manage, and enjoy those benefits a whole lot sooner.

A Small Steps Approach To A Renovation That Keeps You Sane

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