A To-Do List To Make Your Life Less Stressful This Christmas

A To-Do List To Make Your Life Less Stressful This Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous occasion, but, for most of us, it’s far from it. There is so much to do, and all of this can quickly become overwhelming. What’s worse is when you completely forget to do something until half seven on Christmas Eve, by which time it’s too late to do anything. If you want to avoid this, then follow the Christmas to-do list below.

Make Family Plans

A To-Do List To Make Your Life Less Stressful This Christmas - Make Family Plans

You need to figure out what you and your family are doing, preferably no later than the end of October.  If you’re heading to someone else’s home, then this is a great time to figure out how you’re getting there.

Get Cards & Wrapping Paper

A To-Do List To Make Your Life Less Stressful This Christmas - Get Cards and Wrapping Paper

This usually goes on sale at the end of September and sells out quickly, so start shopping early if you want the best selection.

Plan For Guests

If you’re having family over, then your home needs to be prepared for them. Decide where they’re going to sleep, and buy new towels and bed sheets if it’s necessary.

Figure Out Your Budget

Christmas is an expensive time of year, so it’s important to figure out how much money you have to spend and what you’re going to spend it on. Presents, food, and decorations should all be included in this budget.

Look Through Your Decorations

A To-Do List to Make Your Life Less Stressful This Christmas - Look Through Your Decorations

Check your decorations a few weeks before you put them up, so that you know if there’s anything extra that you need to buy. You’d be surprised how broken some decorations can get just sat in a box.

Write A Gift List

Decide who you’re buying presents for, and work out what it is that you are getting them. Do this as early as possible, and write it all down, so you don’t forget anyone.

Start Shopping

As soon as you know what you need to buy, you should start buying. The earlier you start, the more likely things are to be in stock, and you can avoid the crowds of shoppers. Buy a few extra gifts in case you get any unexpected ones, and don’t forget batteries!

Start Wrapping

If you wrap the gifts as you buy them, you’ll have less work on Christmas Eve. Just make sure that the presents are labelled, so you don’t get them mixed up.

Decorate The House

A To-Do List To Make Your Life Less Stressful This Christmas - Decorate the House

There’s nothing more fun and more stressful than sticking tinsel to every single surface in your home. Put on some Christmas songs to make the experience more enjoyable.

Clean Everywhere

Cleaning is a boring but necessary part of Christmas preparations. Some things, like cleaning your oven, you can do yourself, but you might need to hire professionals like City Wide Chem-Dry to give your carpets a deep clean.

Enjoy The Day

Christmas day is supposed to be spent having fun with the ones that you love, so once all the stress is over, sit back, relax, and enjoy the day as much as you possibly can. Things might still go wrong regardless of how prepared you are, but try not to let it ruin the fun.

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