A Vegas Vacation

a vegas vacation

A holiday to Las Vegas heads most bucket lists. The four mile long strip in the deserts boasts a whole host of elaborate hotels, swanky casinos, luxury resorts and iconic water fountains. So why not leave the kids with their grandparents and have the break you so desperately need and deserve? This momma is all for an adults-only vacation!


Of course one of the number one things to do in Vegas is to see the famous Grand Canyon. The red rock, which is a beautiful product of Mother Nature can often go unseen by Vegas tourists who have seemingly got caught up in the casino. There are several ways to tour the red rock, whether it is on horseback, scooter, on foot or even by helicopter, the choice is yours! The high roller is another must see if you are to visit Vegas. At 550-foot tall, and with a 520-foot diameter, the giant Ferris wheel is currently the tallest in the world. And what a way it is to see Vegas, the 30-minute ride is classed as a must see attraction, and it is recommended you go at night, to see make the most of the beautiful views the strip has to offer.

Caesars Palace

After all, Vegas really is a place that comes alive at night. Of course, no trip to Vegas is complete without a trip to the casino. There are a number of audacious casinos on the strip, with Caesars Palace considered to be one of the best. Nothing is off limits at Caesars, the atmosphere alone is said to breathtaking, even more so when there’s a big fight in town. They take sports seriously, and aren’t afraid to accept some of the biggest bets seen before.

To get you in the mood for tattle at the Caesars, why not try to the online casino at Royal Vegas? With over 200 slots, roulette, blackjack, live dealer tables and video poker, you can get a real taste for what Vegas has to offer.

Free Drinks

As well as hope of winning a small fortune, casinos all also offer free drinks to everyone who is gambling. No matter where you’re gambling, with it be the blackjack table, roulette wheel, poker table or penny slots, you’ll be served copious amount of cocktails. So if you’re planning a night on the town, head to your nearest casino to save yourself nearly $100. Serving mojitos and branded tequila, Wynn is said offer the best complimentary drinks on the strip.

Take in a Show

Much like London and New York, Vegas also has some amazing theatrical displays to offer. From the Jersey Boys to Elvis and Michael Jackson tributes, to the Bellagio fountain display, there is something for everyone. America is famed for its gun ranges and there several you can visit when you head to Vegas. Battlefield Vegas and Gun Garage are dubbed as some of the best. You get to a real military experience with Humvees and machine guns.

Have you been to Las Vegas? Share your favorite memories and sights with us in the comments!

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  1. The more I’ve enjoyed night life around our new home, the more I think I’d actually really love going to Vegas. I would LOVE to find some traditional burlesque acts there to go see.