What You Need to Know About Laser Skin Tightening Options

If you’re like me, a woman of a certain age, and you have begun noticing the appearance of jowls, fine lines, and crow’s feet that you want to cure, you have several skin tightening options. For instance, you might try ultrasound or radio frequency treatments. You could also use medicated creams or lotions. But the bottom line is that none of those treatments are as fast or effective as laser skin tightening tends to be. Nevertheless, there are some things you have to consider, so here’s what you need to know about laser skin tightening and the options available.

A Walkthrough of the Laser Skin Tightening Process

You Need to Go Into Laser Treatment with the Right Mind Set

First, you must have the right mind-set before you have laser treatment to tighten your skin. In other words, your expectations need to be realistic. You can’t go in there with skin hanging to your knees and expect to walk out looking like a 16-year-old again.

Your skin should be somewhat lax, but not completely baggy. If you have severe skin sags, lasers may not help you. You might need a face lift or another surgical procedure. You also need to understand that, even if you are a good candidate for laser treatment, multiple treatments may be required. So, you may not see the results that you want for quite a while. Laser treatments are not a once-and-done treatment.

Generally speaking, treatment with cosmetic skin care machines that use lasers is most effective for those between 30 and 60 years old. So, that’s another thing to keep in mind. If you are older, you might be better off to seek other treatment options, but your skin care professional can advise you.

What Laser Skin Treatments Can Accomplish

It’s also important to have realistic expectations of what the treatments can actually do for your skin. For example, a treatment designed specifically to get rid of wrinkles can treat crow’s feet, laugh lines, jowls, and moderate skin sags. But that same treatment is not meant to do things like lessen the appearance of scars or get rid of unwanted hair. Those have to be addressed in a completely different way at a different time.

Make Sure You Prepare for the Laser Procedure Properly

If you are going to have a laser procedure done, you need to be prepared for it. First of all, it is recommended that you avoid too much sun exposure for about three weeks prior to your treatment. If you do have to go out in the sun, use a sunscreen that has an SPF rating of at least 40.

Second, you need to understand that lasers can produce quite a bit of heat. They can also cause adverse reactions when they come in contact with skin products. So, you shouldn’t use any creams, lotions, perfumes, makeup, or other products on your skin before you go in for treatment unless your clinician specifically tells you to use a certain product. Better to err on the side of caution then end up with a reaction that will make even the dog cringe!

Laser Skin Treatment Recovery and Post-Procedural Care

After you have your laser procedure, your clinician will give you some post-procedural instructions. It’s important that you follow those instructions to maximize your positive results and minimize any side effects or discomfort during your recovery. For instance, they will probably give you a medicated cream to apply to your skin. They will also tell you to keep your skin moisturized and stay out of the sun until it heals.

As you can see, even though laser treatments are thought of as quick and easy procedures, there is still a process you have to go through with steps that you have to follow. By following the instructions that your clinician gives you, it can give your skin the best chance for a quick recovery and a better over all appearance.

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