Abe’s Market Nominated for Small Business Influencer Award; Offers You a FREE E-Book of Superfood Breakfast Recipes

Free E-Book of Superfood Breakfast Recipes

I’m thrilled for Abe’s Market. Want to know why? Their affiliate program has been nominated for a Small Business Influencer award for awesome growth! Woo hoo! I love the folks at Abe’s Market, and that they are offering YOU a free e-book of Superfood Breakfast Recipes to celebrate is just the way that they roll!

About Abe’s Market

In case you didn’t know, Abe’s Market is THE online marketplace for great natural products. They connect people like you and me seeking some amazing natural products with the people who make them. Why troll the Internet for what you want, when you can just visit Abe’s Market and do all your shopping in one place!

Too often today, we buy products without knowing the origin of the products. At Abe’s Market you can discover fantastic natural products while having the unique opportunity to learn the story behind them – straight from the products’ creators. This valuable background goes beyond what can be found on a label. Who makes the product? What’s in it? Where is it made? How? You can even chat directly with sellers to ask specific questions so you know that you can trust and be comfortable with the products you bring into your home.

So if you would like to show a little love to this fun-loving group, they would greatly appreciate it if you give them a vote! All you need to do is click here and vote. You don’t need to register, no need to enter your name or connect with Facebook, just simply click. To click is to love.

Free E-Book of Superfood Breakfast Recipes

Abe’s Market has teamed up with Ksenia from the superfood blog, Breakfast Criminals, to put together an e-book about the Life-Changing Power of Superfood Breakfasts. This e-book gives you all the following:

• Delicious gluten-free, refined sugar-free, vegan-friendly recipes

• Simple ways to boost your breakfast using nutrient-packed superfoods

• Starting your day in the most nourishing way possible with a meal prepared with love, and letting it work its magic to start your day right!

Ready to get blendin’? You can download your free copy of this e-book and start checking out the recipes immediately. Hurry though, because this free e-book will be gone after September 19!

Congratulations on the Nomination Abe’s Market!

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  1. Hi! When I try to download the free e-book I get a message that says there is an error in the link code. Is this something wrong on my end? Thanks!


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