Absolutely BEYOND Frustration!

I cannot even begin to describe how FRUSTRATED I am at the moment. I have spent the past two hours attempting to get my Google+ Followers widget to work correctly here on the blog. Everything is done exactly as it is supposed to be done – yet all I’m getting is a blank area where my Followers should be showing up.

Has anyone else had this issue? How did you resolve it (before yanking out the remainder of your hair that is?) Inquiring minds REALLY need to know. I’ve searched Bing, Google and Yahoo for answers, visited countless web sites that tell me how to install it – tried several different ways – and still – NOTHING.

The computer is about to go flying out the window. Literally.
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    • (cackling like an evil hen here) Bloglovin' is one of my most favorite secrets lol!!! I've used other RSS readers and programs like Feedly (another favorite) but I love how Bloglovin' puts everything together for me each day and sends me a summary. You're gonna love it!!

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