Add A Little More Learning At Home

Your child learns a lot at school, but the learning shouldn’t end there. Helping them learn at home can help add to their education, and even teach them some additional skills they won’t learn at school. Spending time together trying different activities can be a lot of fun for the both of you, helping to keep the kids occupied isn’t a bad fringe benefit either! I’m a firm believer that children learn about “real life” at home – so the more real-world skills you can teach them the better.

Want to add a little more learning at home? Here are some suggestions. 


Teaching your child how to cook can actually help them learn a lot of skills at once. It can help them with their math skills, help them read, and it can teach them all about healthy eating. It can be a lot of fun to cook with your child, helping you spend quality family time together and teaching them some useful skills they can use as they get older too.


Kids love their devices, but too much screen time may not be the best thing for them all the time. If you are going to encourage screen time, why not make it educational instead? ABCmouse is a great tool for helping your kids learn more at home, boosting what they learn in the classroom in a fun and interactive way. Suddenly, screen time doesn’t seem so bad!  


Many kids can struggle with math, especially if they can’t see how it’s used in everyday life. Sneaking in some math into your child’s day can be easy to do, helping them learn some math skills without even realizing it. From asking them to tell you the time or asking them money questions, it all helps to flex their skills. Ask them questions throughout the day and talk to them about issues relating to math and finances. There are a lot of skills they can learn here that will benefit them in the future that they might not learn at school.


It’s not always easy to get kids to read. Finding a book they can enjoy and showing them the wonders of storytelling can teach them a lot about life. Reading at home will help them improve spelling, vocabulary, and their ability to write, and it can teach them so many incredible things. Reading a book is a simple but enjoyable pleasure, and can bring a lot of joy to your children’s lives. Why not make reading a book together a regular part of family life and show your kids the joys that come with reading?

Adding in little ways of learning at home can help your children thrive. It can help them get excited about school while boosting their confidence a little too. By making the effort to teach new skills to your kids, you could teach yourself some new things and keep discovering the joy of learning too. 

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