Add a Touch of Style with These Types of Exterior Siding

It’s much easier than you may think to transform the outside of your home. Exterior cladding comes in many forms, making it an attractive option for any tastes. The fact that it can improve your insulation, and most types are low maintenance, should simply be seen as a bonus.

Here are some great exterior siding ideas for you.

vinyl cladding

Vinyl Cladding

I know what you’re thinking, vinyl cladding is the cheapest option and just gives you a white, plastic-looking house.

But, check out these vinyl cladding options and you’ll quickly see that there are many different color shades and textures available. Whether you’re after a two-tone house or something a little more distinctive, you will be able to add some serious style with vinyl cladding.

wood siding


Wood siding is one of the most traditional offerings and still a viable one, although it does require a little more maintenance. There are actually many different styles of wood siding, ranging from board and batten to shingles, drop siding and even wooden sheets.

Each of the styles has its own distinct look and can transform the exterior of your home. Perhaps the greatest advantage of wood is it’s the ability to both blend with your neighbors, and stand out.

metal siding


You may not think of metal as a siding choice but it is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason.

Metal can also be added in sheets, or more like traditional siding options. It can also be used to cover sections of the exterior, creating fascinating and stylish patterns.

It is important to choose a quality metal siding and to ensure the maintenance is kept up to date, if you don’t it will start to rust which will ruin the look!

brick siding


Some homes are brick built and look incredibly stylish, others are not but you can add brick siding which will transform the look of your home in an instant.

The great thing about brick siding I that you can create intricate patterns and style the exterior however you like. Of course, it does have a downside, brick is generally the most expensive option for siding and it must be fixed properly, it weighs a substantial amount.

On the plus side, it will last practically forever.

fiber cement siding

Fiber Cement

This will give you a similar look to natural wood but without the price tag. It’s actually a great option for insulating your home and is surprisingly durable.

You can also choose whether to have the fiber cement pre-coated, meaning it will arrive finished and ready to install.

Or, you can opt for a blank canvas and paint, or stain, the fiber cement after it has been added to your home.

Both options are durable, affordable, and will allow you to add some style to the exterior of your home.

Don’t forget that if you’re changing the siding to improve the style of your exterior, you need to check your doors and windows. These will need to be cleaned and tidied, or even replaced to complement your new siding.  


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