Adderall: The Harmful Workplace Drug Employees Are Turning To

Adderall might have been a medication that was known to help people who had disorders with their focus and concentration, but today, the drug is known for far more than just its medical uses. The use of Adderall to be able to cope with normal life has become more prominent than ever, leading to a crisis that is hard to prevent.


The use of Adderall to improve efficiency and focus is something that came to popularity after reports of athletes taking this to improve their productivity came forward. Soon after people across the world were now trying to find ways to be able to acquire this prescription drug, either through a doctor or through illegal means. Today, the use of Adderall during one’s routine has become more common than ever, which then sheds light on an even bigger issue of addiction in the process.

The addiction to Adderall is particularly prominent among people who work in tiring jobs and in universities across America. Millennials, in particular, are the main focus of this addiction, mainly because of the constant pressure to succeed in today’s society. Getting the best out of every single day is something that a lot of people in that age bracket want to aim for, and to them, Adderall is the answer.

Health Implications

Even though Adderall might be helping them in the present, enabling them to better do the tasks at hand, they often neglect the amount of damage that they are doing to their own bodies. Adderall has severe harmful effects on the body that can cause a person to face a number of serious health conditions that can potentially be deadly. One of the biggest causes for concern is the impact that this has on one’s heart. When Adderall is taken in higher doses, can even lead to an overdose, especially for those who want to do it in higher doses and keep pushing the amount that they take every time.

Adderall Addiction

Generally, Adderall is supposed to be given by a doctor with a valid prescription and after a doctor deems it to be fit to give to a patient. However, a lot of people tend to try and seek Adderall either from illegal means or getting a fake prescription. While both of these are considered to be illegal under the law, people who are addicted tend to go to any lengths to be able to get their dose of Adderall. Because they aren’t being monitored by any doctors, they don’t really know how much Adderall they should be taking and can end up taking a lot more.

When a person tends to take Adderall on a regular basis, they tend to develop a tolerance to it. As a result, they feel less of the psychoactive effects of the drug as compared to what they normally would, which is what can lead to them developing an addiction. They often feel like the regular amount that they take is not enough, thereby gradually increasing the dosage. When the dose goes up to an even higher amount, they might not even realize truly how much they are taking, and how much of a risk of an overdose they are actually at.  

Adderall in the Workplace 

One of the main places that people tend to develop an Adderall addiction is in the workplace, especially in a high-pressure environment where the implications of performing badly are higher than ever. This pressure that is imposed on people can lead them to see no other option other than to take a pill to be able to work and cope with their hectic lifestyle. The amount of time they spend at work and doing their job might significantly go up, but the life expectancy drops by a significant amount. Because of this, it is becoming essential for corporates to impose strict drug policies when it comes to drugs like Adderall and their usage in the corporate sphere.

These restrictions might be hard to impose, but they are a necessity for those who want to have a good and healthy life and who want to stay away from the urge to do something like Adderall. Corporates here have a large part to play in the pressure that people in the workplace face, which is why taking care of the employees to make sure they aren’t being burdened is essential.

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