Adding An Extension To Your Home? Read This

You might be thinking about adding an extension on to your home. This is a great way to add some extra value, give yourself a little more space and just generally could be a fantastic renovation project. While all this is true, there are a few things that you need to know before you start building your new home extension.

Read this before adding an extension to your home

Do You Need Planning Permission?

Unfortunately, the answer tends not to be as simple as yes or no. It’s far more likely that you have to think about this question carefully based on the type of extension that you’re going to be adding. For instance, you might decide to expand your roof by removing two of the sloping sides and replacing them with vertical walls. This type of extension probably won’t require planning permission but others will. You will certainly need planning permission if you plan to build in any way that will affect someone else’s property. For instance, it might mean that the view from their front window is blocked. As well as this, planning permission tends to be needed if the extension will change the aesthetic of the home. You can learn more about planning permission on

To get planning permission, you need to contact the council. If you are working with a building company to complete your extension, they should be able to check this for you and determine how to proceed. But sometimes, you will need to make your own enquiries.

Will It Affect Insurance?

Almost certainly, but how is more difficult to answer. One example of this would be the roof. Flat roofs are often more expensive to ensure as are solid concrete roofs. This is due to the level of maintenance that builds like this often need. Checkout or a similar site for more info on the type of roofs that you can purchase and which one might be a good fit for you. There are a variety to choose from, and a company that specializes in roofs will help you find the right roof type for your particular extension.

If you are worried about insurance, make sure to speak to your current insurance provider. Discuss how it will impact the cost of your insurance and the type of considerations that could impact price such as materials used for the build.

How Long Will It Take?

Duration to complete work like this will most definitely vary, and you should be aware how long it will take. You don’t want to spend months on end with builders and construction vehicles around your property. That certainly won’t win you any popularity contests with your neighbors either.

You should be able to find out how long an extension will take by speaking to the company completing the work. Obviously, various factors can impact the duration of work and the time it takes to complete it, but you do want to get a quote before they start constructing the extension on your property.

We hope this helps you tackle some of the questions that people have when they consider building an extension on their home. It can be a fantastic option and bring new life to your home.

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