Adopting A Healthier Daily Routine

Adopting A Healthier Daily Routine

It’s hard to adopt a healthy daily routine in the modern world. We’re all so busy at work, school, or even at home. You have so many responsibilities that there’s just no time to hit the gym every evening or cook extravagant meals, right? Well, the thing about living healthily is that there’s more than one way to do it. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or physically-draining if you find a healthy routine that works in conjunction with your existing lifestyle. Here are some pieces of advice that should help you to adopt a healthier daily routine without completely changing your existing routine.

Move Your Body Regularly

Adopting A Healthier Daily Routine - Move Regularly

The first resolution you need to make for your new lifestyle is to move more. The key component of a healthy routine is exercise but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend hours working out every day. The “little and often” approach not only works but works better than doing intense workouts, burning out, and then taking a long break before the next one.

If you could find ten minutes to run around your local park every day then that would make a huge difference to your health. It’s not just about being a healthy weight but keeping your heart and mind healthy. 

My daughter and I just started an exercise regime this month where we workout every Monday, Wednesday and Friday together. She also gave me one of the Fitbits that she owned, and it reminds me to move every hour to reach my goal of 250 steps every hour. It’s a great way to remind you to get up and move around – something I ‘forget’ to do when I’m working on the computer. It also helps keep my circulation moving and the risk of having blood clots return down.

Get Into A Better Sleeping Pattern

Adopting A Healthier Daily Routine - Sleep

Obviously, when it comes to getting into a better sleeping pattern, one of the most important things to fix is the length of your rest. 7-9 hours of sleep every night seems to be the sweet spot for most people, but it all depends on the nature of your body. Some people need very little sleep and others need more than the average person.

Other aspects of your lifestyle impact this too, of course. The more active you are during the day, the more sleep you’ll need. Additionally, the less you eat, the more fatigued you’ll feel. Sleep is a chance for your body to recover, after all. It all depends on how well or how poorly you look after yourself during the day.

But it’s not just about sleeping for a certain length of time every night. Most people don’t truly appreciate that the way you sleep massively impacts your health. The position in which you sleep, for example, affects the effectiveness of your sleep. If you’re a side-sleeper then you might wake up feeling sore. If you’re a stomach-sleeper then you might experience back or neck pain.

It’s important to have a supportive mattress to avoid bodily aching and a general feeling of being “unrested” when you wake up each morning. You need to make sure you get those 8 hours of shut-eye but that you’re also sleeping in a comfortable bed which supports your body.

Work On Your Mind

Adopting A Healthier Daily Routine - Meditation

Finally, you need to work on improving your mental health. This should be a part of your daily routine. Find simple ways to give your mind the rest and recovery it needs. We talked about sleeping well and exercising which are both things that improve your mental health, but taking some time to yourself for a long soak in the bath is another way to allow your mind to relax and unwind after a long day. It’s all about giving yourself the luxury of turning off the relentless chatter in your mind from time to time. Meditation can help with this. It’s all about focusing on your body in the present moment and shutting off past or future worries.

Making adjustments to adopt a healthier daily routine may not come easily at first. However, if you make a concentrated effort to do so each day, before long you will find yourself making healthier choices without even thinking about it. Your body and mind will thank you!

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