Adrenaline Rush: Outdoor Activities for Adventurous Couples

A lot of couples quickly get stuck in the same routine. They struggle to think of new date ideas and resort to the same activities time after time again. Where is the spontaneity in that? Doing the same things every time you spend time together gets old fast.

Luckily, there are more than a few activities out there that perfectly suit couples struggling to come up with fun date ideas. And many of these take place outside in the great outdoors. Below we discuss a few of the best activities for those adventurous couples that are looking to get out and about.

Visit an Amusement Park


Whether it’s an amusement park, theme park, or carnival, there’s no denying that spending a day riding the rides and eating the food is fun. If you’re feeling particularly romantic, keep your eyes open for a Tunnel of Love! Or try to win your sweetheart a teddy bear or another cuddly prize at one of the gaming booths.

Take a Hike


When it comes to the outdoors, few things are more outdoorsy than hiking. And here in Canada most of us have plenty of access to woods, mountains, fields, and coast. No matter where you’re hiking at, the fresh air and exercise sure add to an already great way to pass the time.

Walk the Dog


Taking your dog on a walk is a great way to get out of the house. If you have a little more time to kill, why not take them to the park or a new neighborhood in town? Your dog might even like to accompany you on a long hike or romp at the beach.

Go Mountain Biking


Hiking and walking the dog not doing it for you? Why not up the adrenaline with a mountain biking adventure. Few outdoor activities are as exhilarating as hitting the trails on a mountain bike. Load up the Jeep and wind through the trees, wheelie over rocks, and speed through dirt corners for a great afternoon outside with your significant other.

Try Whitewater Rafting


For those that have a little more money and time to dish out, whitewater rafting is the perfect outdoor activity the for adventurous couple. Many areas around the country have rivers that offer guided services. These are always the best bet for those with little to no whitewater rafting experience. Even if you don’t have a nearby river with rapids, renting or buying an inflatable raft for a more mellow adventure on a river, lake, or the bay is fun as well.

The couple that gets active together, stays together – at least that’s how it is for a lot of people. So use the ideas we’ve discussed above to create the perfect adventurous outing for you and your significant other. You’ll have a fun time and maybe even learn something new in the process. Best of all, you’ll switch up your normal routine, ensuring that things don’t get stale in the process.

Ruth Nation has experience working in the adventure travel industry mostly organizing trips for corporate team building events. An adrenaline junkie herself she likes to blog about the various activities people can try. Her articles appear mostly on travel sites.

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  1. So many fun ideas!! Hubby and I were so adventurous until we had our son and now we are trying to find some awesome adventures we can do together as a family!! We love hiking and going on walks!! Can't wait till he's older and we can try super adventurous stuff!!

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