All You Need to Know About Kodi Add-ons for Kids

With the summer holidays arriving, good weather isn’t always imminent and so keeping children entertained is a necessity.

If you’re looking for on-screen ideas, Kodi media center is a free and open source cross-platform entertainment hub with some of the very best Kodi plug-ins you can use to gain access to some great channels and programs to keep them happy.

The Kodi Add-ons for Kids Cartoons8 is arguably the most effective type of Kodi Kids Add-ons developed in 2017.  It is the first add-on described in this list because it is the only add-on that has truly stood the test of time in our company.  Not only is Cartoon8 still a beneficial option for children who enjoy viewing cartoons with child-friendly content, but it is also an add-on that has noticed the need for modern content and made content relevant to the new millennium. 

The Cartoons8 add-on is simple to install and utilize and can be found on the Metal Kettle Kodi Add-on repository.  The installation is easy as all you need to do is install the repository and then enjoy the Cartoon8 application.

The Kodi Ares Kids Tube is one of the add-ons that are implemented along with the Kodi Cartoon add-ons.  This add-on is highly beneficial because children often find the content directed exclusively towards them.  As with the Cartoon8 add-on, the Ares Kids Tube presents with child-friendly content including videogames with information about toys. 

Of course, as an add-on to the Cartoon8 add-on there are presentations of cartoons with more than 50 shows available making it one of the largest Kodi kids add-ons at the 2017 media center.  It should also be noted that the content is so child-friendly that younger kids can enjoy television shows for several hours without concern of inappropriate entertainment.

Kodi movies for children applications, also known as Kiddie Cartoons, are another type of Kodi add-on for children that has grown in demand over the years – and with good reason.  This add-on presents with a plethora of entertaining content that can be easily accessed by the viewer.  While accessing content is quite simple, it is recommended that you review the guidelines to ensure use is accurate and effective.  By following the instructions you will have your child watching content from the add-on in a short space of time providing them with child-friendly television shows. [Read the instructions: How to effectively install the Kodi Kiddie Cartoons Add-on]

Many of the Kodi television show add-ons are targeted towards young children, but an application focusing on toddlers exclusively is known as the Toddler World TV add-on.  This is considered one of the best kids add-ons developed in 2017 because it is specifically aimed at children of pre-school age and lower.  The cartoons presented provide entertainment in high definition and color while still offering strong educational value. 

The add-on can be easily installed and accessed from the Metal Kettle add-on repository and, even more beneficial, it is free of charge!

For all anime fans, the Kodi CrunchyRoll add-on is one of the best options offered by the Kodi Kids Company.  Using this add-on, it is possible for an individual to access cartoons and films from the Asian and, specifically, Japanese entertainment broadcasting sector.  Of course, as is the case with most anime shows, not all content is child-friendly and it is highly recommended that you review the television shows being viewed by the child.

What makes this add-on one of the popular options is that it offers an improved level of performance when compared to the official CrunchyRoll website.  There are no frame rate drops and the subtitles available are more efficient; therefore, the add-on is worth a try.

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