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At the beginning of a new year, I usually sit down and take a look at all of the services that we are paying for and attempt to do some comparison shopping to get the best deals on our home internet, cable, and phone services. I also look at our cell phone plans, our electric bill, and try to determine ways that our family can save some money on the things that we use every day.

The IRS just began accepting tax returns on January 19th so if you’re anything like our family, you’ll be looking forward to receiving that refund and stretching it to be useful and take care of several things you’ve been putting off. One of those items on our list this year is finding a good service that will bundle our home phone, television and internet service.

Allconnect is helping our family this year find the best rate and guess what? It’s free!!! When was the last time you actually were able to go to a website and get something for free without any strings attached?

Look how simple this is. You go to their website you see right off the bat all of the various utilities that they can find and compare prices on for your area:

Allconnect - Your One Stop Shop for Utilities

All you need to do then is enter in your address where you currently live, or, if you are going to be moving in the near future, enter in your new address:

allconnect - find that package that meets your needs and your budget

It’s that simple. Once you enter in your address, it shows you all of the services available in your area and then compares the various bundles you can get as well as how to save on your electric, natural gas, or security needs as well! Now that is sweet if you ask me! If you set up a free account with Allconnect, you can pop over to their website anytime you want to check out the latest offers and keep saving your family money!

Allconnect gives you the guaranteed lowest prices for your area and if you cannot find something you are looking for, just call their award-winning customer service team for assistance!

Allconnect Compares Your Television Carrier Plans


Allconnect Compares Your Internet Carrier Plans


Allconnect Compares Your Bundled Phone, Internet and Cable Services


This post was created in partnership with Allconnect and Mom Buzz Media. All opinions are my own.

So before you sign a new contract (there are no contract options available) for your home services, check out what is available in your area on and save your family some money in the process. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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  1. I can not do the utilities because we only have one company but I'll see about the rest when my contract expires. Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh that's the beauty of Allconnect though Sherry! Even if you only have one company … it will show you all the various packages that that company has available so you can get the best package for your money and your family's needs! I love that particular feature. We have a monopoly on some of our utilities as well here so I know what you mean!

  2. I do this once a year too for me it's February because that's when my contracts expire. It's nice to see what companies I have available to me in one place.

    • I know what you mean Joie. Sure beats the old days where you had to call around to the various places and spend all day on the phone!

  3. This is also on my list for each year. Makes sense to check around especially with all the competitors available in some areas.

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