Altering Perceptions: Simple Changes With Big Results

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Capturing the feel you want when you’re designing a room can be quite the challenge. Without being able to see all of your choices together before you settle on them, you will always have to take on a little bit of a risk when you’re working on your home decor. Of course, though, like most of the jobs you have to do throughout life, there are loads of ways to make this easier. To help you out, this post will be exploring just one of these; using something small and simple to elicit big change.

Your Basic Senses

Connected to things like memory and emotions, your senses can be a very powerful tool when you’re looking at a room. It doesn’t take much to change the way you feel about a space, with the smallest changes often having the biggest impact. You can find some clever ways to exploit your body’s natural tendencies. Below, you can find some examples of these, split into some different categories.


While space is one of the main limiting factors when designing a room, and you can’t increase this without moving to a new place, there are some easy ways to make a room feel bigger. Light is the easiest way to this, with the natural variety being the best option. This means that opening the curtains a blinds a little more could be all you need for a much roomier home.


This next option is less for some practical, and simply because it can be nice to take advantage of something like this. Most people find sounds like rivers, ocean recordings, and other peaceful audio to be very calming. There are loads of ways to capture the elements which make you feel relaxed, and it can be worth having them in your home.


Not a lot of people consider smell when they are working on their home. This element is often looked at as something which will handle itself, being boosted by your regular cleaning. The power of a simple air freshener to alter this way of thinking is very strong. To take advantage of the this, a lot of people will want to use natural and organic options.


As the last sense to consider, the textures of the items in your home can also make a big difference to the way that it feels. Fabric sofas with coarse stitching, for example, will feel a lot different to leather, and they will both give a room different character. Using this to change the way a room feels may take some trial and error.

Something Natural

When it comes to the things which make design beautiful, the natural world is often several steps ahead of humanity. Thankfully, you don’t have to be better than the wild to make use of it, though, and there are some easy ways to achieve this sort of goal in your home. Below, you can find a couple of examples of the kinds of plants you can keep at home, along with some care advice to help along the way.


Nothing quite makes a statement and has an impact quite like flowers. There are thousands of varieties of this sort of plant, ranging from large trees to tiny shrubs. With Our Aloha, you can get your hands on flowering plants from some of the warmer parts of the world. This can help you to get your hands on loads of unique plants which you won’t be able to find in other places.

Other Plants:

While flowers look great, they often don’t stick around for long, and some people will want to have a couple of options which won’t need any management. Cacti are a great example of an interesting class of plants. There are loads of examples like this which can be found around the web, all with ability to take you to different part of the world, without making you leave the comfort of your home.

Making It Modern

It’s becoming more and more common for people to rely on cutting edge technology to make their house feel like a home. This sort of addition can change the way that you use your space, giving you the chance to streamline your life, while also making your home more interesting. Some people will want to take this all the way, where others will be happy to keep things simple, but this is completely up to you.

Simple Automation:

Being able to ask for the day’s weather, a schedule of your meetings, or for a specific song without another human being is an amazing position to be in. Options like Google Home and Amazon Echo enable all of these things, while also keeping things discreet and minimal. These items can often be found for nearly nothing during sales and other events.

Heavier Automation:

Of course, if you’re a fan of sci-fi, the idea of having windows, lights, doors, and even your heating all controlled by a central computer will be a dream come true. Nowadays, it’s possible to add most of these features to your own home, using a range of different mobile apps and devices to make it possible. This will take more effort than the simple approach, while also giving you loads more to play with.

Just Sound:

Some people won’t need to have all of the bells and whistles to be happy, and control over sound might be what you’re looking for. Products like Sonos are perfect for this, enabling users to keep their music playing throughout their home, while also giving access to voice control and other smart features like Spotify and Play Music.

Everyone wants to have the chance to make their home feel unique. Being the place that you spend most of your free time, it should be somewhere which you love, while also being entirely unique when compared to other people’s spaces. Achieving this sort of goal doesn’t have to be done through large objects, though, as small changes can often make a bigger difference.

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