Sewing Tips You Will Love

Sewing is really great. Nowadays, people have realized DIY projects are a great way of saving money. Even if you are not particularly proficient, there are numerous guides on the Internet which can help you out as you make your first steps.

Like everything else sewing has its own little tricks. The process is pretty simple and straightforward but there are always some things you can do better, more efficient and cheaper. Here are some of the best tips for beginners.

(1)  Get a Good Sewing Machine

Like with any manual labor, it all comes do your skills and the tools you’re using. In this case, it is very important to have a proper sewing machine. I would always recommend brands such as Janome and Brother as my first choice. If you are willing to fully commit you might as well get a more expensive product. Best Sewing Machine Review Spot has some great sewing machines reviews which you will find very useful.

Have in mind that sewing machines are something you get for life. Even though you might face a smaller malfunction, you will likely be able to get it back in working shape with small repair. In fact, sewing machines are something that is transferred from mothers to daughters so do not be surprised if you give it to your child one day.

(2)  Thread in the Right Position

As soon as you start sewing make sure to check the thread. In fact, you need to create a habit out of it. The thread guide that is right above the needle needs to be in its highest position. This is a common mistake. You can set it back into position by turning hand wheel to start.

(3)  Hand Stitching

Hand stitches need to be evenly spaced. You can use a line of stitches as a guide.  When planning the length, it is nest to use the same length as the hand stitch you are planning to use in this case. Make sure to pull machine stitches a few times. You can also leave the stitches in place until handwork is done.

(4)  Safety Pins are a MUST

Safety pins can come in handy in certain situations. For example when you pull cording through a casing. Her, safety pin can be used for seeing it through. In some cases, cord can get loose and go into casing. This can be a real problem as you won’t be able to get it back. This leave you with a horrible option of doing everything again from the start. Safety pin help with the cord as it positions it in place. It is a small detail which can save you a lot of time and prevent you from doing the same job twice.

(5)  Needles are Important

If you are a newbie, perhaps it’s best to start with a universal needle. You will likely make a lot of mistakes and might even be forced to throw away the fabric. So make sure to take it easy and at least not thing about this small detail. Nevertheless, choosing the proper needle is important. You will have to learn more about them as the time goes by. Here are some tips:

  • Light fabrics require a smaller needle (n° 60-8 or 70-9)
  • Naturally, big fabrics will require need between 100 and 110
  • When it comes to hem, it is better to use a twin needle
  • Ballpoint needles can be used in various situations. They have rounded tip which can be pushed between threads and is valuable in certain cases

There is optimal needle for every fabric and situation. If you are not sure which to use and you do not wish to use universal one, better ask someone from your family.

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  1. Sewing gives me happiness. Thanks for sharing awesome info about sewing machines.

  2. Sewing gave me a new reason to be happy, well I was in the verge of depression when I first learn how to sew, my doctor advised me to look for a new hobby and one of my friends introduced me to sewing. I loved it, dressmaking fabrics gave me a new way to live my life now I make lovely things for my love ones and they appreciate it a lot.

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