Americans Are Craving to Jump on Waterslides

time to equip your park with some

The quintessential summer season is no less than a jackpot throughout the glaring coastline and all the way into the concrete jungles of the US. With schools closing down and vacation plans on the drawing board, this scorching heat only knows one reprieve—a satisfying and chilling dip into cool blue water with a million splashes and a handful of shrieks. Water parks are the go-to destinations that are always jam-packed in the summer. But this year, dipping in the pool isn’t the only thing that makes the families stock up on sunscreen, swimsuits, and swimming caps.

With waterslides becoming the reason for kids to visit the aquatic adventure parks, the zest of thrill and adrenaline rush are at bay to be quenched, especially after a year of pandemic restrictions. These attractions very much form the magnetic factor of a park and when it comes to family thrill, so not having a waterslide is kind of a buzz kill. There’s nothing like spending part of the afternoon riding coasters and other thrill rides and then cooling off at the waterslide, such as Soak City at Kings Dominion in Doswell, VA. When kids are asked about their reason to visit a water park, three in five of them point towards the gigantic waterslides on the horizon.

Waterslides Are NOT Just for Adults

It’s a common notion that water parks only cater to young adults and school trip students—which is unfortunately true in case of establishments not paying specific heed to teens and pre-teen kids. Let’s not forget little ones from 4 to 6 years of age, who are just as ecstatic to try the slides out as those teens. With first-time experience slides making their dreams a reality, it is something that every water park should contain to cater to kids of all ages to satiate their adrenaline rush.

These Waterslides Pay for Themselves – Literally

The number one mantra of a successful water park is the fun quotient. With kids pestering their mommies and daddies for a visit to the park, it would become a regular occurrence when slides are kids exclusive. They won’t mind going on a three-hour ride to get their waterslide fix—and they won’t mind doing it again and again! Research states that when kids are fond of an adventure spot, they successfully end up persuading their parents for regular visits, making kids’ waterslides and other attractions a lucrative investment that keeps your visitors happy and full of zest.

Get Your Facility Ready to Get America Splashing

With summer season on our heads, there’s barely a window left to gear up your facility with waterslides for adults as well as kids. Not only are you supposed to care for a single age group, but pull every family member off their beach towel and into the splashing slides! Irrespective of what your facility looks like, Vortex USA is your go-to place to shop for each and every kind of water slide. Not only is Vortex a household name across water amusement parks throughout, but it has the best collection of the latest water slides that get your water park filled up to the brim. Are you ready to satiate America’s craving for water slides?

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