An Alert for the Blogging Community

This post is being updated as additional information comes to light on the subject of the fraudulent actions of Teri Hardy Hatland. While requested previously in May 2015 to remove her image from this post as well as that of her company, I refuse to comply effective with this update on July 21, 2015.


I am hereby giving notice to all affiliates, companies, representatives, public relations firms, fellow bloggers that are affiliated with any of Teri Hardy’s websites that I will no longer do business with you. Any individual who blatantly disregards the code of conduct that professional bloggers adhere to and does not follow through with providing giveaway prizes won, that continues to defraud her fellow bloggers and continues to put a smear on the very business that I love dearly is not someone I wish to be associated with.

Click Here if you would like to see a complete listing of her personal websites and social media sites to avoid.

The information posted below is directly from individuals who have reported this information to me. These are factual statements made by the parties involved. It is my right to publish these statements in their entirety for the world to see.

07/26/2015 – We’ve provided an update on a separate post – Update on Teri Hardy, Fraudulent Blogger – regarding several other fraudulent giveaways and actions from Teri Hardy Hatland.

07/21/2015 – As a giveaway blogger myself, I know that sometimes tracking down and verifying a winner can take time. On average, however, a winner is announced at least within 5 to 6 days of a giveaway winning. Does anyone else find it extremely odd that Teri Hardy’s Mom Powered Media $2,500 Giveaway still has no winners listed and she continues to delete my comments inquiring as to when the winners will be announced?

07/20/2015 – ‘Holly Ann’ won a Little Tikes Bounce House in a giveaway hosted by Motherhood Defined on June 4. Her repeated attempts to contact Teri Hardy with regards to where her bounce house is have been ignored or blocked.  UPDATE 7/22/2015 – we are very pleased to announce that thanks to the wonderful people at Little Tikes and assistance from Darci Bean at Everything Mommyhood – Holly Ann and her 3 year old and 4 year old will be receiving their winning bounce house next week!! Congratulations Holly and family and MANY THANKS to Little Tikes for being such a stellar company!

Several others have left messages on her personal Facebook pages as well as her blog pages inquiring as to the status of their winning prize packages and have been ignored.

05/28/2015 – The Cyndee Wells Fund as well as the auction that was held May 27-28, 2014 has come into question as to whether the family has received the donations many bloggers sent in. There are several bloggers who purchased items through the auction that was to raise money for the family that have never received their items but have made their payment in good faith. (at last count the estimated amount of funds raised from the auction was well over $9,000 dollars)

An undisclosed member of the family has indicated that money was still owed to Cyndee for her work with the company in question that was never paid. They did receive the funds from the GoFundMe account (which the company in question matched up to $1000) but as of 05/28/2015 not one dime of the funds raised through the Cyndee Wells Auction(s) has been paid to the family.

We are asking that you please complete this survey if any of the following applies to you:

  • If your bid won an item in the Cyndee Wells auction and you have not received the services/product you paid for;
  • If you won a Mom Powered Media, Motherhood Defined, Mom to Bed by 8 or other website owned and operated by Teri Hardy (Teri Hardy Hatfield) giveaway and never received the prize you were notified as winning;
  • If you offered an auction item for the Cyndee Wells auction to be bid on;
  • If you worked for MPM at any time and still have not received payment for the services or work that you provided;
  • Have paid for a #MPM2015 Conference ticket and not received a refund. The conference was scheduled to be held Friday, August 7, 2015 through Sunday, August 9, 2015 in Minneapolis, MN. This event has been canceled but as of 7/21/2015 she has not removed the booking option from her Facebook fan page or from the MPM website!

While you do NOT need to list your personal information on the survey if you wish to remain anonymous – we ask that you do. Your information will not be shared with anyone other than a select group of individuals working to uncover the damage that this woman has caused to the blogging community.

You can find the survey here – – just fill in as much information as possible so that it can be turned over to the proper authorities and justice can finally be served to bring about this fraud that has been ongoing for years.

05/21/2015 – Public court documents have been uncovered and reveal that this is not the first time that Teri Hardy has been charged with Class C Felony fraud. There is a Pinterest Board with all of the documents uncovered that show this is an issue that goes back many years, and includes defrauding her own mother who had to take her to court for stealing from her.

05/18/2015 – A complaint was filed with my hosting service by Don Hatfield – Teri’s husband – asking that I remove identifying information. I originally complied with this request but as of 12/17/2016 with Teri Hardy Hatland being investigated for fraud, I no longer feel the need to remove her identifying information. Everything within this posting is accurate accountings from the individuals scammed by Teri Hardy Hatland, nothing is an untrue statement and I refuse to protect her identity.

This post will be updated as additional information comes to light. In the event that the bloggers involved who have shared their stories below are compensated for their work and giveaway winners all receive the prizes that were promised to them – this post will be removed. Until such time as this happens, this post will remain on this blog to warn others about the fraudulent practices of Teri Hardy across any and all of the websites that she may own.

As has always been the case, we welcome Teri Hardy’s comments in regards to the allegations made against her by the blogging community and the giveaway winners she has not responded to. I will be more than happy to post any comments or responses from Teri Hardy here for all to read.


Fellow Bloggers,

You need to be alerted to an unscrupulous person, if not down right scam artist, among our midst.

It has come to my attention that Teri Hardy Hatland, owner of Mom Powered Media (among many other blogs and names) has scammed fellow bloggers and companies. Below are details of the information that has been shared with me directly from the bloggers themselves.

Mom Powered Media Conference

The Mom Powered Media Conference was scheduled to be held in Minneapolis from August 7, 2015 to August 9, 2015. A telephone call to the hotel (5/18/15 at 12:48PM – 952-542-8600) indicates that there are many rooms still available for the conference and that Teri Hardy Hatland has not informed the hotel the event was canceled and the hotel is still accepting reservations for this event through July 16, 2015. Professional courtesy would deem that you notify all sponsors, participants, speakers, event venues, etc. that an event was canceled in order to avail them the space for others wishing to book an event, etc.

The conference website was removed as of 5/18/15 at 12:58AM. Prior to being removed; however, the website indicated that (a) all ticket sales were final and no refunds would be given. You were allowed to transfer your ticket to another individual until a certain date but that was all. When those that purchased a ticket learned that the conference was canceled – Teri Hardy Hatland had this to say:

Dear Attendees,

I must regrettably notify you that the Mom Powered Media Conference for 2015 that our company organized is being cancelled. As you may know that recent unexpected issues arose with my previous business partner and MPM is unable to meet the needs of an event of this size.

Mom Powered Media has always played an imperative role for the betterment of the blogging community, we wanted to inform all invitees of our decision. We apologize for any inconvenience however, and hope that you will see our decision positively and support it.

Even though we have cancelled the Conference for 2015, we intend to host a 2016 event and would like to extend your current ticket to next year’s conference. We would also like to upgrade you to VIP and offer you a second blogger pass at no cost. Your invitation will be dispatched a week before the event is officially announced and we hope to see you there.

Thank you and have a nice year ahead.

Sincerely, Teri Hardy Hatland

Teri Hardy Hatland does not state at all that refunds have been given to any ticket holders. Why then would she post yesterday evening:

And yes, conference tickets are being refunded. The only ones left are those that the payment was too old to directly process. Mom Powered Media requires the original payment to be refunded for the ticket to be canceled…

The bloggers we have spoken with who purchased tickets have not received a refund. If any bloggers have received a refund, we would gladly welcome your comments on this post so that others know that a refund is possible.

Offering those who purchased a ticket an extension for next year’s conference is not acceptable. In light of the cancellation this year – who is to say that next year’s even will be held and not canceled? (it should be mentioned that Mom Powered Media never arranged a conference for 2016 to make good on the promises that were made to the people scammed in the 2015 conference)


iowa secretary of state business entities inquiry

Teri Hardy Hatland claims that Mom Powered Media, LLC is a registered, limited liability company in Iowa. According to the Secretary of State in Iowa, no such limited liability company exists or is registered.

Business Dealings with Other Bloggers

The following is an accounting (backed up with documentation, screenshots, emails, etc.) from one particular blogger, Darci Bean.

December 2014

Teri Hardy Hatland spoke with me about becoming a partner of Mom Powered Media. I would own 33% of the company for $50,000. She claimed that she had made over $300,000 in the past year. With all of her blogger opportunities and services that were being sold to companies by herself and other employees (some of which paid money to her to earn a higher commission, and a percentage of what Mom Powered Media made as a whole) it sounded like a great opportunity. Not only that, the Mom Powered Media conference that was coming up August 7th-9th 2015, Teri Hardy Hatland said I would personally make anywhere from $40,000 to upwards of $60,000, as my cut of profits. Which I told her, I’d just pay her in full at that time. We worked out an agreement that I’d pay her 10% down of $50,000 which is $5,000 split between Jan and Feb and that I’d then pay payments of $750 per month for 4 years, or pay her in full before then. Also any money that was made during this time would be subtracted from what I owed each month. She also stated at anytime if I had to leave for any reason, she would just buy back my share of what I put in, which at this time is $6011.45.

January 2015

Teri Hardy Hatland wrote up contracts (from an online source, even though she said her lawyer did them) emailed them to me. I signed them and had them notarized and then overnighted them to her on January 4th, which is what everything was dated for. As stated by her, as well as in the contracts (Mom Powered Media Partnership Agreement, Loan Agreement, and an agreement for a business we were starting together called COMPANY) she was to provide copies of these signed and notarized (on her end) agreements within 7 days. I never received them, then I moved and things were chaotic, so it slipped my mind. She was also supposed to file the businesses, Mom Powered Media & REDACTED, in the State of Iowa, with me listed as part-owner. This was never done. There are no businesses with these names or anything by her in the State of Iowa. Nothing is registered. Just with those two things alone Teri Hardy Hatland is in breach of contract.

  • 01/04/2015 – Mom Powered Media Agreement signed and notarized, mailed overnight to Teri Hardy Hatland
  • 01/05/2015 – $2,500 paid via PayPal
  • 02/04/2015 – $2,333.50 paid via PayPal
  • 03/05/2015 – $677.36 paid via PayPal
  • 04/06/2015 – $500.59 paid via PayPal
  • Total paid by me to Mom Powered Media equals $6,011.45

January 5, 2015 to April 30, 2015

During the time period of January 5th through April 30th, there was a total of $1100 made by Mom Powered Media, as well as ONE ticket sold to the Mom Powered Media Conference for $204.97, all of this of course is questionable, but this is what is in the accounting logs that I had access to. This is a far cry from the approximate $300,000 she stated was made in the previous year. $1304.97 total for the first quarter. This is when I started questioning her because my husband and I were wondering why was no one working, where is all the money that I’m supposed be making?

April 30, 2015

I messaged her about my concerns. After I brought it up to her she was totally cool with everything. She stated that it was her fault that no money was being made because she hadn’t trained anyone on what they were supposed to do and she should have communicated better. She had been putting all of her energy into the conference as well as the REDACTED and REDACTED she was planning. She understood and she said she’d speak with lawyer about the best way to send me my money back to “protect” her company. I said fine. She also said (taken from FB chat) “For you to get a full refund, you will lose both REDACTED and REDACTED since it is a spin-off. You will also be required to sign a form stating you will not start a company similar to either for a period of 5 years.” That is crazy, I would not sign a non-compete for 5 years, no way. Then she stated, “I will have to speak with an attorney if this is the way we are going. I have to make sure it is done right and REDACTED is not at risk. I will make a call and setup an appointment. Then find out what needs to happen from here.”

Just so it’s clear as well, I never had anything to do with the conference. I never knew how much she was spending on the conference, how much she was paid via businesses that were planning on attending the conferences or anything. I was left in the dark about all of that. She did tell me the money from those businesses were set aside until after the conference because she had to have enough to pay the hotel for the venue/food.

Teri Hardy Hatland also stated we needed to keep me leaving a hush hush thing, so it was not announced, “It is a bad time to formally announce this to the group because it looks bad for Mom Powered Media. But if that is what you want, we can do it.” I told her it was fine if she didn’t want to announce it. She also said “I would appreciate if we kept this low key because bloggers are already in a tiff with this other issue and I don’t need it rolling into Mom Powered Media anymore than it already has.”

May 5, 2015

Teri Hardy Hatland sent me a late payment notice via email, even though we had discussed on April 30th that this needed to be decided before the next payment was due, so I would not be out another $750. On top of which, she didn’t even send an invoice for payment. Once I messaged her about it on May 5th, her whole attitude was completely different than it was on April 30th. She was hateful and said that her husband didn’t feel it was necessary to send me a copy of the contract, and that she hadn’t heard back from her lawyer.

On April 30, 2015, May 5, 2015, and May 8, 2015 I asked her for signed and notarized copies of the contracts. She did not provide them and still has not provided them. May 8th I sent her a certified letter in the mail that she had to sign for. I also sent her a copy via email with the tracking number. It stated why she was in breach of contract as well as the fact that none of it even exists so I want my $6011.45 within 14 days. Which she has until May 22nd, before I file with my credit card company. She has not responded to me at all as of today (Sunday, May 17, 2015). On May 13th I messaged her regarding some business stuff I was finishing up via the Mom’s the Word giveaway event so I could email the winner, which she did not respond to either.

At this point I do not expect her to respond. I gave her the chance to refund my money easily, without all of this, without lawyers, without going to court, but she has refused to give me my money. Since this has happened I have spoken to many people who have previously worked for Teri Hardy Hatland and they all said they have known and heard stories of her doing this to others, including this happening to them. Why is everyone so hush-hush about this? She is taking money from people, and she is not returning it. Since it is something that is being repeated with people, it seems to be taking a criminal turn, which would be fraud. My next course of action is to file an internet fraud complaint with the FBI, which I suggest all of you who have been taken advantage of do as well. You can find that here.

Darci Bean also indicated that a campaign for Mom Powered Media in November 2014 had 100 bloggers participating in social media blasts. Teri Hardy Hatland was paid by the company for this campaign; however, not all bloggers were paid and are still waiting on payment.

Additional Bloggers Who Have Come Forward

Below you will find 17 direct quotes from other bloggers, contest winners, and former partners of Mom Powered Media with regards to their personal experiences and dealings with Teri Hardy Hatland and Mom Powered Media. You will see references to “the auction” and to the Cyndee Wells Fund below as well. Even more personal accountings can be found in the comments after this posting.

1) “I know who you are talking about. It pisses me off. That person stole close to $2,000 from me alone and I don’t know how much from others. And then she is ruining it with companies. Honestly I have companies that won’t work with me because of said blogger. Plus I think they went away from working with bloggers as well. They work with a PR Firm and they don’t want bloggers period for any company the represent. I think it needs to come out. Part of the problem is she has done this to so many smaller bloggers and has others scared to come out. She makes threats. Being bigger she has those smaller ones scared of what she might do. She still owes me other things that I won in the Wells auction as well. I was told “she was busy” and I had to wait, and of course never received anything. She also owes me product for other things I was promised as well. Again, haven’t seen anything.”  

2) “I am one of those smaller bloggers who was planning on going to Minneapolis in August, but now I am screwed out of over $250. Small in the scope of things, but that’s why I immediately messaged some of the bigger bloggers to see if my fears were true and turns out they are.” 

3) “I stood up to this person as well and no one seemed to care, but I didn’t make a big deal either because I didn’t have much vested. This has been going on for years and I can only guess in the tens of twenty thousands. If everyone would stop looking at BIG bloggers as BIG then they wouldn’t be so intimidating. Us bigger bloggers should be resources not bosses trying to make a buck.” 

4) “Teri Hardy Hatland owes me thousands, she promised yearly salary of $10,000! I haven’t made anything. I ran the 2014 REDACTED Campaign and she was horrid to work with. She basically left me high and dry to run the campaign the way I saw fit. No guidance or coaching. She got paid by REDACTED but I had no control of who got paid for the campaign. I felt horrid since I organized it and recruited bloggers thinking in good faith they would be paid. (I knew Teri Hardy Hatland had received payment). I did notify REDACTED of the problems that were going on and that they should reconsider working in the future with Mom Powered Media. I never heard from them again. All links were verified by myself ( it took hours ) and sent to Teri Hardy Hatland as well as REDACTED! The company had no complaints. Teri Hardy Hatland served me with a Cease and Desist Letter and told me I was legally not allowed to speak to any of the bloggers who belonged to Mom Powered Media. I was shocked. I did sign a non-disclosure agreement in the contract for working with Mom Powered Media, but it was never notarized or returned to me from Mom Powered Media. So I have cautiously spoken to others. I also bid and paid for many things for the auction for Cyndee Hill Wells and never received any of the items I purchased.” 

5) “Just freaking great. I just yesterday bought a co-host spot on a contest from her. She KNOWS I just had to go across the country to bury my 14-year-old nephew and lost a lot of work and have pneumonia now. I am thousands in the red and even commented that I hope the contest helps drive traffic so maybe I can make Linqia’s quota.” 

6) “Oh #$@!, wow. She owes me money – not much, but for some sponsored posts I did a LONG time ago. I just realized that I never got prizes for the Scentsy party I bought from that she ran as well as a Facebook Flash Giveaway that I won LAST SUMMER.” 

7) “We were all duped. I am sick over all of this. We all trusted her and thought she was a friend. I tagged you because I had a feeling you were hurt by her as well.” 

8) “I’ve told people this over and over, but no one really listened. In fact, people treated me like crap on several occasions when I tried to warn them, so I finally just stopped. I’m glad to see others coming forward as well. In fact, she made herself from stealing from me. She took everything I ever did and went behind my back and built her name. She has lied, and stolen from bloggers – not just by taking their money for prizes but when you get a campaign from her she isn’t paying you what she tells the brands she is paying you. I have said this over and over and over. I’ve been called names, I’ve been treated like crap all because everyone wanted to believe in this person. It’s been really sad watching so many people be taken advantage of. I’m seriously glad to see that this is all coming to a head and people will stop dealing with her. In fact, when i found out, it took everything I had not to get up and run through the Chicago airport screaming that it was finally happening. I’ve dealt with her crap for years. I think I deserve some glory in my own right to see she going down where she belongs.” 

9) “She kicked me from the group after she said she was going to pay me a small fraction of what I was owed – which still has not been paid. I worked for Teri Hardy Hatland since last year. Started out great and I was quite excited. Yes, I made a few mistakes along the road; however, I paid into it (not as much as D.B. but $1,500 and I am still owed for a bunch of work that I finished). All together I’m owed around $3,000 USD. I’m usually a pretty quiet person but I agree this is just not right for her to do this to so many people.” 

10) “I won one of her giveaways at Christmas time. It was small, just toys I was going to give my nephews. I never received it but just assumed it was an oversight. I never made a big deal because it was small. This is so sad to learn all of this.” 

11) “I am so sorry she has done this to you D.B. but so happy you called her out about it! I won a few things from the auction for Cyndee Wells. My biggest item was $250 worth of links on any upcoming giveaways I wanted (25 host pages) I was the only bidder at $200. When I went to select my first giveaway I was told I had to pay the fee to enter the giveaway to get my link on there. I assumed that my links were automatically paid but apparently it was going to be for my additional links after my first one for joining. The next giveaway I tried to join she told me it was full and she couldn’t add my links. I then tried to join a 3rd one and she told me she had to leave it open for paying links but if she had any left over then she would allow me to join. I was pissed because each time I tried to join the requirements changed. I told her if that was the case then all of that should have been written. At this time it’s almost 45 days past me paying and I hadn’t received the other $100 of items I won either. I started to demand my money back. She blocked me and removed me from the REDACTED group and the regular group. I opened up a PayPal claim and she told PayPal that I refused to work with her and she still wanted to honor what I paid for but I needed to follow the terms. I replied that since I hadn’t received the other items and that she is constantly changing the terms and had since been blocked from contact with her or the groups she has clearly shown she has no interest in working with me and I wanted my money back. 2 days later my money was refunded but claimed everything was my fault and that she couldn’t believe I worked this way and would make sure that everyone would know. Beyond that I know she attempted to trash me to a few bloggers and a handful of PR reps. Horrible that she continues to do this to people!

With my host pages I wasn’t granted access to any links on the giveaways yet still had to post the announcements or pay the waived fee to have a host page but still have no links unless I paid more. Even though, when you paid for a host page you were given links with it…she didn’t want to honor any links because I hadn’t technically paid according to her. When I called her out on the fact that I got a huge value for what she can get for it individually and that she was probably pissed because she thought more people would bid she then told me to sell it to another blogger that she knew would take it and without any reply from me (because I left my computer for a while) she told me she spoke with her team and they all agreed that because I don’t know how to use what I won that I shouldn’t be allowed to have it.” 

12) “I paid an undisclosed sum to be a “partner” with Mom Powered Media and for mentoring that I never received. She also never paid me for sponsored posts. I filed a complaint with PayPal and received a partial settlement, but she threatened to sue me if I ever revealed anything or shared any screenshots or told anything that happened between us and our “business relationship,” as breach of contract, yet she did just that to me. She went and made up lies about me and trash talked me to various PR people, bloggers, media companies, brands, etc. and I had many people turn away from me and refuse to work with me because of things she said. She ruined me for a time.”

13) “She asked me to join Mom Powered Media as a partner on commission but I didn’t have the money at the time – I consider myself lucky now. I also never received an item I paid for in the auction she arranged last year – I just remembered that! Towards the end of last year I wrote for Mom Powered Media and never received the promised payments for my work nor did I receive payments for a campaign. I was too worried to ‘go public’ because she always has some smooth answer why it’s not her fault & how it’s the other person just causing drama etc. Thank you D.B. for having the courage to ‘come out’ !!”

14) “She did it to me too. She’s a fraud and I finally had the courage to post myself on my status tonight. She trashed my name to PR people, bloggers, brands, etc. after I demanded my money back and I had people refuse to work with me because of the lies she told about me because I called her out for not fulfilling her end of her promises and obligations and what I paid for.”

15) “I was doing a REDACTED phone campaign a few months ago and Teri wanted to be on my team. She got the phone and service from REDACTED as promised, and absolutely refused to do any of the things we needed to do, blog posts, social media, etc, so I and the rest of my team had to do ours and just hope for the best, but it was very embarrassing. It’s the first and ONLY time I’ve ever tried working with Teri Hardy Hatland, and at that time, I said, never again. I am still pissed over that.”

16) “That speaker was me. I’m reading all this dumbfounded. She just asked me last week to be on an Advisory board. I had NO idea about all of this. I’m sick to my stomach. I am not a drama person at all, and I can’t handle people who lie and steal.”

17) “I have several companies that won’t every reply back to me at all either and I know it’s because she screwed them when they agreed to work with Mom Powered Media.”

united against blogger fraud

In Their Own Words

Several bloggers have taken to their blogs to post their own story. You will find a listing of those below. If you wish, you can also leave a link to your own post in the comment section.

Bloggin’ Mamas Steps Up with Free Ticket to Conference

We are so surprised to hear all of this, and it has taken quite a while to read through everything. Bloggin’ Mamas is planning a conference for Tampa, Florida in November 2015. If you purchased a ticket to #COMPANY, we will provide you with a FREE TICKET to our conference to help make up for your loss. Just send your receipt to and we will send you a code when we open registration.

We also offer FREE membership, we do not charge bloggers to be part of our giveaways, we do a ton of social good work, and we offer free events and training, and we do not charge bloggers to join our sales team. We would love to have you all!

In Closing

If you are a blogger who respects and cherishes your readers, you will announce this on your own blogs or social media sites. If you are aware of companies that she works with that you do as well, you need to alert them to what is happening as well. No company wants to be involved with fraudulent behavior and they will thank you for the information.

This will not stop until we stand together and put an end to this.

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  1. I don’t even know how I ended up on this page today but i had hired Don to transfer my website from blogger to wordpress and have him set it up for me around 2014 or so. He also was providing the hosting. My website was down a lot and Don always cited that I had too much traffic. I was confused because I was a new blogger and had no where near the numbers that would be causing a website to slow down. After about a year he told me he could no longer offer my hosting because my site was bogging everyone else’s down. After a BUNCH of back and forth I was able to transfer website ownership out of his name and into mine and get my own hosting. Thankfully hostgator was able to help me with everything . I asked hostgator why my website was so slow and they told me it was just a crappy wordpress theme I had. I changed it and haven’t had any issues since. I wish I hadn’t been so scared to transfer from blogger to wordpress orginally. I could have save myself a lot of time, effort and most of all money!

    • I am all for individuals starting a home business and being able to work from home; however, make sure you know what you are doing and know every intimate detail inside and out before subjecting clients to your inexperience. I am so sorry that you had that experience with him, Diane! Twenty70 Hosting is who I use and I absolutely love, love, love them!

  2. Hi. This post has nothing to do with Teri Hardy Hatland's fraudulent blogging but I think its pertinent and tells more about her as a person. I met Teri in Sioux City, IA, while working at Walmart on Floyd Ave in January of 2016. She started there on the fall of 2015. She is known as a flirt, and has lunch dates with men at work alot. She asked me and my male coworker out for coffee or drinks. We were both surprised. My coworker is young, so he didnt respond, but I'm 38 and Teri is 36 so I took her up on the offer. We started hanging out alot on breaks outside in her car. That led to kissing and a relationship. From the start she was constantly accusing me of hanging out with my ex who i never speak with anymore. She always accused me of not putting enough into the relationship or not being there for her. It seemed as if each and every thing she accused me of, she was, in fact, covering for her own weaknesses in these areas. She really did all these things, but turned it around on me so I would feel guilty, and throw me off her scent. She told me she was married to Don Hatland, but not legally married. Over the course of 3 weeks, she seduced me into thinking I was in love with her. She left her house to live with her mother, and said that Don was abusive and scared her and her children. She came over to my house for sex one tuesday afternoon, which started good, but did not end well. I lost focus and my erection. Although, I went in with reservations thinking she was using me to knock her up. She told me her tubes were clamped temporarily, but I bought condoms anyways . She took one look at them and tossed them aside and said we didn't need them. I lost my erection halfway in, and she held that against me, and still does. She started to become cold and non-talkative. Soon after she stopped talking to me all together. She said we wouldn't work and its best if we were only friends. She never was woman enough to tell me why she stopped talking to me, even tho I really knew. I was heartbroken, thinking we had something special. After 3 weeks of no contact I texted her and told her I think ppl at work were right, and that all she did was lead me on. I told her about the time she said she loved me and then said i was done.. She has since took a leave from absence from Walmart, and has started blogging again. Tonight, Sunday, March 13th, 2016, she texted me and said If I wasn't such a bitch shed invite me out for a drink. I pretended I didnt know her as if I deleted her number, and she was someone else. She came clean, and I acknowledged who she was. She said I'm where I am cuz I didnt stay hard, and she had to go elsewhere for sex. I asked her why did she want to invite me, she didn

  3. Thank you Ms. Miller . I was having some issues with some other giveaways and was curious if they were associated with any of this. They all are linked to one blogger and I was not sure if she too was involved.

    • The only way that they will is (a) if other bloggers that work with the company inform the campaign manager of what is going on with her website(s) and (b) people boycott clicking anything she sends out or subscribing to any of her social media sites.

  4. I appreciate all you have done to research and inform us on this, thanks!

  5. This saddens me terribly! I am a blogger as well and it’s hard enough for us to do this let alone now having to face worried companies and giveaway entrants. I really bust my butt to get the little exposure I get, yet someone who isn’t truthful and such as her has all of this traffic, thousands of dollars (monetary and product value) coming in and all for what? FRAUD!? Honest people never seem to get anywhere, but those who screw any and everyone over get what we deserve. I hope everyone gets their refunds, prizes, etc… but that unfortunately probably wont happen. :/ So very sorry to all who have been affected by Teri, not all of us bloggers are like her!

  6. WOW!!! I am not sure if I won anything from her, but I do know I entered tons of giveaways!! Thanks for this post. I have shared on my facebook timeline with almost 4,000 fans.

  7. Thanks for sharing this. It is good to know what is going on and what we should be watching for.