And The Fun Begins…

at 7:00AM. Trying to get the Demon Child and the Angel Child up at that ungodly hour on a Saturday…well let’s just say I would have had better luck with a couple of hand grenades and a commando unit invading the house.

I finally got the Demon Child out of bed…little mister “I’m sick again Mommy” Angel Child started whining and crying so I sent him back to bed. The Man Thing said he would take the Demon Child to the derby and I could stay home with the whiner.

Oh joy.

That translates to – “You can stay home and take care of the sick child and clean toilets and do laundry while the Demon Boy and I go have some fun.”

Gee, thanks a lot guys.

At 8:20 AM when the Man Thing and the Demon Boy were about to walk out the door, Angel Child suddenly pronounces himself “all better” and wants to go too.

It’s gonna be one of those Saturdays…and so the fun begins.

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