Android Apps to Help You Cherish Your Vacation

Whether you’re traveling around the state, country or even the world there are a bevy of free Android apps that will make your vacation easier, more affordable and entertaining.

Android Apps to Help You Cherish Your Vacation


skyscannerIf you are planning on flying to your travel destination, be sure to download the Skyscanner app. Skyscanner is there for all your travel needs, starting with the flight. Enter in your destination and dates and let the app find and compare prices. It can also alert you to last minute price drops, car and hotel rentals and much more.


wazeIf you are unfamiliar with the city or country you are visiting, don’t worry about getting lost or taking a route that will add to your drive time. Make sure to download WAZE, it’s a smart GPS app that gives you the best routes based on live traffic information.


airbnbIf staying in a fancy hotel isn’t a priority for you, check out Airbnb to find a great deal on a place to stay. Depending on your budget you can find a couch, a room, a guest house or even an empty apartment to sleep in. While you might not get the same amenities as staying in a hotel, you’ll save a lot of money.

Wifi Finder

wifi-finderIf you’re interested in spending some your free time playing online roulette games or blackjack from your mobile, you’ll want to download WiFi finder which helps users find public hotspots.


duolingoOne of the biggest travel difficulties that people might encounter is a language barrier; there are several different apps that can help with that. Google Translate has some amazing features, but what I like is Duolingo, because instead of just translating, this app has a program to help teach you 15 different languages.

Of course this isn’t a comprehensive list of travel apps; there are literally thousands of apps that can help you with all aspects of travel, from finding cool tourist attractions to the hottest bars in town. These are just a few that we love, and believe that no traveler should be without.

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