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Synthetic Leather Folio Wallet & Case with Stand for Apple iPhone 6 Plus from Abacus24-7
Synthetic Leather Folio Wallet & Case with Stand for Apple iPhone 6 Plus from Abacus24-7

We are reviewing the iPhone 6 Plus Wallet and Case with Stand from Abacus24-7 today.

I love the variety of pretty cases that are on the market for cell phones, but they don’t always offer the best protection for your phone. I wasn’t all that worried about safety with my little Samsung slider phone that I had for years, but when hubby gave me an iPhone 6 Plus for Christmas in 2014, I was thrilled to pieces – and scared to death. What if something happened to it? My daughter had an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 5 and then upgraded to the 6 Plus as well, and I knew from her experiences just how fragile they could be. One drop could spell disaster.

My iPhone is never far from my side, and I use it for everything – from sharing social media posts, photos of my kids, or what’s for dinner, my iPhone does it all. When I would need to make a quick trip to the grocery store though, or to the convenience store across the street, I wished there was an easier way to take what I needed and not have to lug my twenty pound pocket book around with me.

iPhone 6 Plus Wallet and Case with Stand

That’s what I love about the Synthetic Leather Folio Wallet and Case with stand for Apple iPhone 6 Plus from Abacus24-7. I’ve got three slots for my driver’s license, credit card, and Starbucks card. What else could a girl possibly need? There’s also a space underneath the credit cards to put some cash. When I need to dash to the store to pick up some milk or more food to keep the testosterone carriers tummies from grumbling – I just grab my wallet and case from Abacus24-7 and I’m out the door.

I could not believe how easily my iPhone snapped into the protective case and stayed put – doesn’t move, wiggle, jiggle at all. It is just as easy to remove. I’ve dropped it while using the wallet case – not a spot of damage to the phone anywhere! Love that!

Here are a few features from the company website about their case:

  • Protective case, designed with flexibility in mind
  • Serves as a case, a wallet, and a stand for your iPhone 6 Plus
  • Internal cradle for your iPhone is built to house it securely – the device snaps easily in and out of the cradle as it would in any protective skin
  • Invisible magnetic flap closure further ensures your device’s safety while staying out of sight and keeping the lines of the case elegant
  • This wallet case offers 3 slots for credit and/or other cards and a larger slot underneath for cash
  • The folio case is ready for occasional movie watching – it folds easily into a stand
  • All the ease of using your iPhone without a case without worrying about damage – all the functionality of your device is unobstructed while the case keeps it secure!
  • Soft exterior made from premium quality artificial leather makes it feel comfortable in your hand but is damage resistant
  • Soft interior of the case will not scratch your device, even if you press on it

I’ve had three different cases since I received my iPhone 6 Plus. One was a Otterbox case that cracked about a month or two after I purchased it when I was attempting to remove my phone. Others offered little to no protection and were just pretty.

With the Synthetic Leather Folio Wallet and Case with stand for Apple iPhone 6 Plus from Abacus24-7, I have the best of both worlds – looks and function. Protection and Pretty. The wallet case is available in a variety of colors – Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, and White. A color sure to please everyone!

You can connect with Abacus24-7 on Facebook and Twitter or stop by their website and check out the amazing choice of products that they have available at affordable prices. You’ll be glad you did. You can order your own wallet case directly from Amazon and be sure to stop by and check out our video review on YouTube!

We love this case and give it a 5 star rating! This would be a great gift for the grad in your life!

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