April 6th Celebrations

One of my favorite websites for off-the-wall celebrations is National Today. Did you know that today is National Tartan Day? I’ve been a big fan of all things Scottish for as long as I can remember – so heck yeah, we’re gonna celebrate today in style … and I’m going to share some great finds you can grab from Amazon to help you celebrate.

How to Celebrate National Tartan Day

In a “normal” world, we’d be advising you to head out and find a parade on April 6. However, due to the coronavirus, parades are still on the no-go list. So be on the lookout for one next year to immerse yourself in the best traditional Scottish experience – with people in kilts of all colors and patterns, bands with bagpipes and drums, and you’ll be well on your way to feeling as though you were transported straight to Scotland! (source)

Dress In a Scottish Kilt and Sporran

If you don’t have one – get one. It isn’t every day you get to wear a traditional Scottish kilt, and it doesn’t matter if you look funny because today, everyone is gonna be rocking their kilts so if you don’t – you’re probably gonna feel really left out! While kilts are traditionally worn by men, ladies, you don’t need to let your man be the only one getting in on the fun! You can get a kilt too in a variety of colors.

Guys, we got you covered with this complete ensemble! Your box will contain an 8 Yard Kilt in your choice of color, Flashes, Flyplaid 48″ by 48″, a Leather Sporran with chain and belt pin, a Kilt buckle and Kilt bet.

Scottish Food? Yes please!

If you’re going to celebrate Tartan Day why not go full-hog and dig into some traditional Scottish dishes! Haggis and Black Pudding are both dishes unique to Scotland. Haggis consists of sheep lungs, heart, and liver, boiled in a bag with suet, oatmeal, and seasoning — it sounds less appetizing than it tastes!

Now while I am no expert – this canned Haggis shipped in from Scotland – gets good reviews and can feed 2-4 people.

Black pudding isn’t actually a pudding — it’s pork sausage containing dried pig’s blood, suet, and oatmeal. Now, while I don’t know if I would want to try Scottish black pudding, if you’re game you can get this on Amazon:

Tartan Cloth Masks

Since we’re all still fighting the coronavirus and wearing our masks, get you a three pack of these stylish Scottish Face Masks in tartan plaid.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to celebrate National Tartan Day tomorrow on April 6th with us!

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