Arctic P324 Bluetooth Sports Headset – For Active Lifestyles

Are you looking for comfortable headphones that offer hands-free, wireless capabilities, built-in bluetooth, and headphones that stay in place while giving you beautiful sound and quality? Then let me tell you about the Arctic P324 Bluetooth Sports Headset.

Life in a House of Testosterone received a P324 Bluetooth Sports Headset in exchange for this review. all opinions stated are my own.

Arctic P324 Bluetooth Headset Review from Life in a House of Testosterone

I love a good pair of headphones that stay put and give me a quality performance. I’m hard on headphones too. They got tossed on the desk, on the coffee table, I fall asleep with them on, thrown in my handbag, you get the idea. Unfortunately, not all headphones are able to withstand the type of wear and tear that I put them through – and you don’t even want to get me started at what the testosterone carriers put them through. I’m a walk in the park compared to how they treat theirs.

I have fallen in love with my P324 Bluetooth Sports Headset. If you’re an active, on-the-go person who enjoys taking their music with them, you’re going to love this headset as well. Specifically designed to allow you to play sports, walking, jogging, working out, bicycling, etc. The headset has a nice foam padding that hugs and cushions your ear. The earpads are exchangeable and washable as well.

The over-the-ear plastic is soft and somewhat flexible. They were a little uncomfortable when I first put them on because I was not used to the over the ear plastic. If it were slightly thinner and a bit more flexible, it would be perfect. The can cause a bit of pinching if you wear them longer than a few hours, but my ears have grown accustomed to it and they’ve softened a bit as well with use.

Arctic P324 Bluetooth Headset Review from Life in a House of Testosterone

Did I mention that they come in different colors? You can choose from white, black, purple, pink, blue, or lime green. They are compatible to all A2DP supporting Bluetooth devices which I love. I’ve had Bluetooth devices before for my phones and hated them. I could barely hear the person on the other end of the line, and I could never figure out which button did what. With the P324, you don’t have to worry about that. All of your controls are located on the right earphone. If you are listening to your music and a call comes in, the music mutes so you can answer your call and when you disconnect from your call, the music picks up right where it left off. Amazing.

Arctic P324 Bluetooth Headset Review from Life in a House of Testosterone

I love how I can pull my hair up in a ponytail, put the headset on, and let my hair back down and you can barely tell that I’m wearing them (because of the long hair). I wear them almost every day, when I’m working to keep me motivated and when I’m walking. I’d also like to mention that they are absolutely wonderful at drowning out noises that you don’t want to hear (like nagging husbands or children). That’s a selling point right there!

Arctic P324 Bluetooth Headset Review from Life in a House of Testosterone

Travel Nirvana

When you go on a family vacation – what is the one thing that everyone argues over the most? What to listen to on the radio. The kids want to listen to one thing, parents want to listen to another. This wonderful headset solves the problem for me. I love using them in the car. I’ve got the teenager in the backseat with his ear buds playing metal core music. The tween has his ear buds in listening to hip-hop and rap music. Naturally, they both have their devices blaring at full volume – so everyone else in the car can hear what they are listening to as well. Then hubby likes to listen to his R&B old school music station and, while I like that music as well, there are times when I want to take a trip to the River Bank with Brad Paisley or Shake It Off with Taylor Swift. Pop on the headset and I’m transported into my own musical heaven.

Travel Case

Love the travel case that comes with your headset. There’s a compartment for the charging cord as well as a few other little items you may wish to add, and the headset folds up to neatly fit on the other side.

Arctic P324 Bluetooth Headset Review from Life in a House of Testosterone

I wear mine daily, and can go up to three or four days without charging if I only wear them for a few hours. You can get up to 20 hours of playtime before they will need recharging – and they charge fast. At only $34.99, they are inexpensive enough to pick up a pair for everyone in the family if you want. I’m planning on buying the boys each a pair for Christmas. They have tried – multiple times – to abscond with mine and this is one time when momma’s NOT sharing!

Visit them on their website to check out the details and then place your order via Amazon. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

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