Are Automobiles a Work of Art?

Art is a way to communicate your inner thoughts and beliefs on a canvas. While most people only confine creativity to specific industries, I believe art has no boundaries. From video games to software architecture, art covers everything. And when we talk about automobiles, some people might feel they are out of the context of art. Contrary, automakers start from the initial sketch containing lines, curves, texture and goes to the point to deliver the most aerodynamic real-life product that could take you from one part of the world to the other without breaking down and getting into an accident, where you have to seek help from a lawyer like Portland car accident attorney. Today, I will discuss a few reasons why cars can be considered a work of art and talk about some great artists who created fabulous car artwork.  

Reasons to Believe Automobiles Are a Work of Art

As we see through the evolution of automobiles, we find that vehicles transformed a great deal in the past few decades. While old cars were bulky, full, and overdone, the recent offerings are smart and more aerodynamic. In other words, they offer more bang for your buck providing you comfort, convenience, entertainment, safety, and peace of mind you have never imagined. They now even drive themselves. If you think they are merely machines that take you from one point to the other, why do they differ within the same segment? Why don’t you see the same type of front fascia for all the vehicles? Why automotive brands employ a big team of designers to create every element of the automobiles? There are so many questions, which all make you believe they are genuine artifacts.  

Automobile Art

Continuing on my previous point, you might have come across custom vehicles, which are 100% hand-built according to the desire of their owner. Rolls-Royce is a big name in this regard. They stand first when it comes to bespoke and the world’s most expensive and most luxurious cars. These commissioned cars are not just a depiction of an artist’s wild interest; they are actual pictures of a functional commission. 

Whenever I see a vehicle, I admire the subtleties and the hard work of its designers and engineers. What starts from the sketch on a paper is transformed into an end-product, which meets all the road standards for safety, comfort, and emission. I mean look at the front lights, kidney grille, pillars, sculpted lines, rear wings, engine design, ergonomic seating, and dashboard, everything shows us the hard work of designers and engineers who have spent days and nights to make everything look so perfect, functional, and eye-catching. 

I believe cars are the real pieces of art, which evolved over the years. They are not only more stylish and faster on their toes and beyond but also cover more distance for less fuel. Some are even emission-less; meaning they do not emit any carbon from the tailpipe. On the other hand, they can drive themselves, park themselves, change lane themselves, and can even avoid accidents altogether. 

In the end, I would like to talk about the most celebrated artists who choose automobiles to depict their most magnificent artwork. Bill Patterson, Nicholas Watts, Clarence Peter Helck, Vaclav Zapadlik, Lenois Afemov, Dan Hatala, Bruce Kaiser, Peter Miller, F. Gordon Crosby, and Syd Mead are among the best automotive artists in the world. If you want to admire the collection of automotive prints, you should check their work. 

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